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corner and round tables

This little corner table I see in a turquoise color for popularity but also can see it red or yellow, please comment in the boxes below so I can get a better idea which colors to go with :-)

and I picked up this antique round table

 which I may finish like one of these ideas


  1. maybe try something other than blue? red seems nice.


    1. red is smashing but would it sell, I have to paint to sell to the masses.. perhaps since small I can try this one red and see :-)

  2. For me these new colors are really stepping outside the box;-)) I'm sure with time I will grow to love them. I now understand why your Grandmother Ball wanted to paint her gorgeous dresser white! She was tired of the beautiful wood grain. I think these wonderful finds need an accent color that will enhance their new home.
    I think I knew where there is another coffee table and two end tables that would do well with a new apint color. Wonder what a bedroom suite with arborite tops would look like in this new look?
    Your biggest fan!

    1. I know they are a big step for you but there is a happy medium for both. I like the wood stain and paint mix best but many older pieces are in rough shape so the paint gives them new life.

      well for sure we can always try, chalk paint covers anything they say!

  3. My choice is the turquoise for the corner table and option 2 for the round table.


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