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Showing posts from December, 2013

solid wood cabinet change up

I took this solid wood cabinet that is done in traditional orangey oak and gave it pizzaz

so pretty, only needs the hardware added but buyers choice of classic black or the fun pop of blue

and black hardware it is ... so lovely

salt and pepper shake up!

One of my favorite transformations is wooden salt and pepper shakers.. they look amazing when done and add a real pop of color to any kitchen, here are the befores

then the amazing after colors

 before and after.. my personal set.. I LOVE!

mirror magic

Mirrors are a popular item and just a little paint and glaze can add so much

 this one done in vintage white and glaze

 the same for this lovely beveled heavy large beauty
  and this one as well done in the same technique

jewlery box makeovers

take this old jewelry box and add some beach glass chalk paint and wax to get this beauty!!

 or this one and apply heavens light chalk paint and dark wax

I have a few more to go,  like this jumbo and these