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General Finishes "Geometric Design" FFF challenge ~ Shades of Grey

I LOVE General Finishes products and when Fab Furniture Flip girls hosted a contest using any I had to sign up. It was then posted the theme for this contest would be "geometric design". It did puzzle me for a minute but after looking thru my treasure trove of pieces to paint I came across this solid pine very geometrically designed end table. The thick wood top cried GF gel stain! Now I love me some java gel but decided to think outside the box. General Finishes was supplying 1 product for each contestant so I chose the new grey gel stain. For other great pieces I have done with GF products, be sure to check my Creative Moments Facebook page.

It finally arrived and I got busy as only had a week to finish now. I hauled the sturdy end table out side to sand thinking this would be easy. NOPE.. the shellac they used on these pine pieces is DURABLE! only the edges came off, so back inside to a coat of stripper. Even this had a hard time and required a pile of scraping and left…