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January FFF contest "A Fresh Start"

Time for another Fabulous Furniture Flip Contest entry, this month the sponsor is General Finishes again this time with their newly released chalk paint (thank you GF!) and the theme is "A Fresh Start". Very fitting for January 2016 I say.
The color I chose was key west, just like on the link. Next choice was what to paint, which piece calls for this pretty blue color for a fresh new start? This piece was calling for a fresh start after seeing a life of wear and loss (of the drawer).

 to fill in missing drawer I found this piece of wood almost perfect
 the poor top has seen allot and in rough shape
 but nothing a good power sanding can't fix, I love solid wood pieces
SO with all this finished it was time to wait for my paint to arrive. It seems however there were address issues so once corrected the paint finally arrived on the evening of January 28th. My husband arrived home for his week off to and helped with some wood repairs. Time to get busy!!

once the piece of wood…

CeCe Caldwell Chesapeake blue chair

Part of my CeCe Caldwell rep paint package was a new to me color called Chesapeake blue. When I opened it and saw the grey blue color it reminded me of a vintage color like old denim. To showcase it I paired it with a vintage hardwood chair I purchased awhile back.
This solid chair is stamped the "Samson" chair manufactured by The Bentwood Chair & Table Co, you could see at least 5 paint colors it had gone thru since its original state. FIVE relovings, if only it could talk and tell the stories of it's adventures. This is the part that draws me to old pieces for sure, the history they store.
 saw on goes the paint in two coats
the bottom gets a good power sanding too to clean up the crazy paint layers and grime to reveal the gorgeous hardwood this solid little chair is made of then it gets heavily distressed with a power sander, this is not my usual look but like to get out of my comfort zone now and then so why not make this vintage chair look updated but still in …

CeCe Caldwell package #2 project dining table

So on to the dining table I had scrubbed up, sanded and clear coated ready to paint. CeCe Caldwell's vintage white was again the vision I had in mind but this piece I wanted lighter and more airy with still a country feel then the antique coffee table.

I applied 2 coats of the vintage white sanding in between coats then covering this with another sealer coat of poly.

 you can see 2 coats on the right hand side of photo vs just 1 on the left

the base received the same steps too I did have to spend over an hour hand tooling the paint that stuck in the side carvings, whew that was a bit of work. Note to self, in future try to get less paint in carvings or try when wet to remove

Dimension was needed to add depth and character. To achieve this I dry brushed a pure white then vintage white again.

lighting not the best as evening under florescent lighting but hoped to capture the various striata of whites

This all got sanded and the CeCe endurance top coat was the next step, layering …