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Farmhouse White Bread Box

This slatted wood bread box had seen better days until it received its farmhouse makeover.

After a good scrubbing I painted 2 coats of House & Canvas's angora white.

This paint color is such a pretty warm white, see it on this end table, sweet watch chest, and a bit on this laundry room sign.
When dry I lightly sanded it all and minimally distressed the edges.

House & Canvas is a chalk like paint that needs to be sealed. I chose Fusion Mineral Paint's clear wax over all the surfaces.
I was trying to decide if dark wax (left) or leave plain (right) was best, dark wax won.

Fusion Mineral Paint's ageing wax was added to the edges for an aged look.

The verdict was split as to add words or a stencil in my Facebook poll so I will leave it for a bit and see what the buyer would like.

The farmhouse style look; what would you add if anything?

the back was finished as well

Country Chic Blog Squad challenge #3 vanilla frosting hutch

For my 3rd Country Chic blog squad challenge I choose a Canadian made oak hutch and the vanilla frosting all in one product. As a Country Chic paint rep, they provide me with products to showcase and share my opinions using them.

The hutch was in beautiful shape, it just needed a refreshing new color to give it some impact. Seeing it is a classic design, the creamy vanilla frosting will enhance it and a pop of color in the hutch backing will add a bit of fun.

time to get started, all hardware removed, it seems the drawer fronts are only held on with the hardware, interesting

then the super scrub down, rinse and dry
Once good and dry the fun part begins; the vanilla frosting all in one was shook and stirred well and with a good poly brush the painting process began. All in one has a learning curve for sure, I find it dries very fast and will leave edge lines where the brush stops. You can add more wet paint and brush harder but it requires fast moving hands even then. I added 2 coats sanding lightly between them as well as distressing the edges. I find that this makes distressing after the last coat easier if done after first coat as well.

 where the edges dry they will mark especially after first coat
I like to minimally distress the edges to allow for natural wear and do after each coat (first shown above)
Having only tried the all in one formula on the small crème brulee cabinet, I worried about durability without a sealing coat. After chatting up a few other paint reps, I chose to add some Country Chic natural wax to the tops and fronts for added durability. I lightly sanded the sides to get a smoother surface as well. A quick buff and the cleaned original hardware was put back on.

For the backing I wanted a fun color but not too bright, tropical cocktail is fun but pretty bright (perfect for the wagon shelf) so I custom colored it mixing it with white and applied 2 coats
shown with first coat on
Once all was good and dry, I waxed all the blue. And there you have it, once brought inside, stacked together and the glass shelves added the hutch was ready to be put to use.


close up of distressing

The all in one definitely does not go as far as regular chalk paint, it took the full pint to do just the outside of the hutch. Seeing I did seal with wax anyway, I think I will stick to the regular chalk paint formula in the future but was a good challenge to try. This beauty is looking for a forever home, stop by Creative Moments FaceBook page for more details.