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Country Chic metallic cream makeover

When I received my metallic creams from Country Chic I was not aware of there transforming potential abut after redoing some brass feet on a vintage table I was convinced.. amazing! check it out
 original foot
 coat with acrylic silver paint
 then rub with Country Chic trigger metallic cream
 and wahlaaa stunning
 the perfect compliment to the new upholstery fabric
stop by my facebook page to see the table and chair in its entirety.

I also used the metallic crème on this sweet dresser

 and this dresser too

I have received product in exchange for this post, but ALL the opinions are entirely MY own.  This post contains sponsored links for Country Chic Paint

Country Chic blog post #7 ~ Nesting table in teal hues

Nesting tables.. perfect pieces to save space but improve functionality when needed. I purchased a set in the tired orange stain and immediately thought fun colors. I did waiver on safe shades of black/grey but in the end, my love of color prevailed. I choose my new favorite, Country Chic's Aurora as the first color. It is such a pretty color but I am sad it is a limited edition color, perhaps I need to stock up on another pot! I had yet to try dark roast, a lovely shade of coffee brown so that went perfect with aurora for the smallest table and I choose a teal paint I had on hand for the largest table.

A quick scrub and painting began. The limited edition Aurora is the all in one formula and the dark roast is regular. I am a fan of Country Chic's regular formula and this dark brown color did not let me down.
 good bye orange stain, hello Aurora

I gave all 3 tables 3 coats of dark wax to seal up with a soft finish. I tried out my new large wax brush from Country Chic and LOVE i…

Fusion Nursery edition ~ teapot

Fusion Mineral paint has a new line of nursery colors and they are spectacular!! Of course I was drawn immediately to teapot with its green blue hue. I knew the perfect piece to try it on, sized for a wee one.
This piece was unique in that it was a combination of solid wood frame, arborite type sides and a veneer top won in a local auction. The top was in terrible shape with scrapes and scars galore. This type of finish was new to me as I usually try to stick to solid wood pieces but the sweet size and style and price said give me a chance. I first tried sanding.. no luck, mineral spirits.. nope... lacquer thinner... no way finally I brought out the big guns, heavy duty stripper and walaa success!

Once stripped I orbital sanded it from 80-120-220 to get a super smooth surface. From here I was confident that this piece would be able to be reloved no problem. Time to give it a good old spa day after vacuuming it all out well. A good scrubbing with warm soap and water and various size …