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Milk Painted Dining Table in Homestead House Confederate Grey

I purchased yet another outdated orange stained pedestal dining table that needed TLC.

When you work alone and need an assistant you have to think outside the box ;0) The leg is longer then an arm right?

For this table I went with Homestead House Milk Paint in Confederate grey. I used it on this jumbo chalkboard too.

After a good scrub, power sand to smooth the surface and a wipe down it was time to paint.

Two coats of the dark grey milk paint applied with my angled sash Zibra brush, which cut easily into the corners gave the table a gorgeous new look.

But I did not stop here, a light sanding to take down the milk paint to a smooth buttery soft surface

then apply Fusion Mineral Paint discontinued antiquing tough coat. It is just like their clear tough coat but as you can see, tinted with brown. This added warmth to the cool grey tone of the milk paint as well as providing a layer of sealed durability.

To add even more interest and dimension, Fusion Mineral Paint's clear glaze mix…

Old Fashioned Milk Paint does it again ~ light cream antique dresser

I love antiques, always have. When I was 18 I took on my first refinish project after watching my Mom do many pieces. When I come across an old piece I cannot pass so when I found this piece I knew it would be a perfect addition to my home.

even though the keys are long gone, I love the brass holes, so pretty

and I also love refinished wood especially on the tops which become a focal point, this one got  a good sanding to the bare wood, the shellac type finish gummed up a few orbital sanding pads but eventually I had success

I wiped the surface well with mineral spirits to be sure all the old shellac was gone

I had recently saw a post on leaving an old piece in its currently dusty grungy condition in order to repel the milk paint in all the right places. I CANNOT not clean a piece because I know most old pieces were stored in old buildings where plenty of critters and bugs got comfy. ALL my pieces get a good scrub with dish soap and water, sometimes TSP or vinegar added if really grungy and hand scrubbed with 2 sizes of scrub brushes. Then they are rinsed until the water runs clear. This is my standard to start any project. I am then confident every piece I sell or use in my own home has a fresh start.

but note to self, don't put in water as the old shellac turned white and needed to be sanded off these original knobs

I removed the old rusty casters too and will replace with fresh new ones from D Lawless Hardware.

I love milk paint on antique pieces as I feel it is in keeping with their character and style but gives the piece a whole new look. I choose light cream from Old Fashioned Milk Paint, the perfect neutral light color that would work in any home.

 I tried a whisk for this batch but it was too large for my salsa jar, a plastic fork is a new idea I learned and will try next time but for now I moved on to my usual wooden stir stick. Mix the powder with water well and let sit for about 15 minutes

As I was painting I found a couple more old nails I missed when first went over it. I would love to know why they were hammered in over the years, what use were they?

milk paint goes on easily and dries so fast

and even after a good scrub and only 1 coat, the paint begins to naturally chip off where it wants to, just as I hoped

I however wanted a more opaque cream color so put on 2 coats, shown below on the left while the right is just one

the bare wood top got a coat of antique walnut gel stain from General Finishes,

it has become my new favorite and goes so well with the light cream base

 the original knobs were stained as well and all got a few coats of hand rubbed poly to seal well

here are the fabulous new casters from D Lawless Hardware, exact same size fitting perfect into the original holders, good bye old rusty ones!

this is a quick picture to show Old Fashioned Milk Paint light cream on different wood colors, this antique high chair was a more orangey wood, the relove process for it can be found on another post.

the dresser has been clear waxed with Daddy Vans wax then given dark detailing on the edges to keep the piece authentic looking and once all dry and the knobs replaced and the casters put on here is the final look

LOOK at the natural finish Old Fashioned Milk Paint gives, this chippy crackle is all on its own

so pretty!

and the wood grain just shines, the perfect compliment to the milk painted base!

I have received product in exchange for this post, there is no monetary compensation received from the sponsored links. Huge thanks to my great sponsors for this project Old Fashioned Milk Paint, D Lawless Hardware, Daddy Vans and General Finishes