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Fusion's new Midnight Blue & MCM

It seems MCM pieces are coming my way allot lately and when I saw this sweet piece I immediately thought uber cool bar/ buffet.. and the colors dark.. like Fusion Mineral Paint's newly released  Midnight Blue

the downfall to stained wood is water... left sitting on it, dripping down it.. water is not good when left on finished wood
I gave the whole thing a quick power sand with 120 grit then scrubbed it all clean. The top is a shiny smooth finish so to get a better "stick" I put on a coat of Fusion Ultra Grip and left to dry overnight

The base was ready for staining, I chose a walnut stain

and seeing the back was bare I stained it too and the top of the inside of the cabinet, just for continuity

 but unfortunately the water marks persisted.. time for plan B

the next day once dry, I gave the base a second coat of stain this time a darker java

and the top and legs were painted the midnight blue in two coats

and a couple stripes added to the front to make the colors cohesiv…

Old Fashioned Milk Paint cosmic coffee table

Inspiration is everywhere and I am inspired to try some blending. Why not try it with Old Fashioned Milk Paint? I picked up a very simple styled coffee table that would be perfect to try it on. I chose pitch black, driftwood and federal blue for this look.

TIP~ Did you know that once opened, milk paint will last indefinitely if stored in glass containers? I peel off the label and cut the color swatch off the bag and use packing tape to affix to my recycled glass salsa jars.

To set the stage, the table was cleaned well and sanded smooth.

 Then it was time to let the fun begin.

 I wanted to try with all the colors wet but not sure this was the best method.

 Once it finally dried I added more colors to the blended top colors.

The base was painted 2 coats of pitch black. I used pitch black in the safe paint formula so it would adhere well. Did you know safe paint can be used for walls??
good bye old orange stain color!

Seeing coffee tables are well used I sealed the paint with 2 coa…