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Old Fashioned Milk Paint driftwood TV stand

Solid clear coat pine furniture exudes rustic to me. When I picked up this TV entertainment stand I knew it needed some color befitting of rustic country. I chose Old Fashioned Milk Paint's driftwood and buttermilk for the makeover.

solid pine entertainment center pre relove

Mixing up the driftwood milk paint powder.. so easy, just add powder to warm water in near equal portions and stir. I find Old Fashioned Milk Paint to be the smoothest mix of all milk paints I have tried. Leave the mix to sit 10 minutes or so before painting your first coat

The first coat once dry, then I added another but not until about 48 hours later. Even though I used the safe coat version (like having bonding agent for better adherence) of the milk paint, the super smooth shellac finish required the paint to dry longer to prevent lift off of the first coat when applying the 2nd.

This is my test board to see how Daddy Van's wax will change the color - far left is the paint dry, next is clear, then an…

Homestead House milk paint antique chair

I have a confession. I love antique furniture. Tables, sideboards, dressers and chairs. I have a special place for the chairs as most seem to be orphans. Not as solid as the rest, I am always amazed to find one that made it through years of use. This recent find was no exception. The still intact label on the bottom read "Rockford Cabinet Company" and looks like made in 1923 or 1928!

Sure enough when I began deconstruction I found the traditional horse hair/straw and cotton padding in the seat over rounded boards, ticking and webbing

The turned legs were so pretty and in fairly good condition for the age that I decided to try and keep them. The whole chair was scrubbed well and once dry given a coat of Homestead House Paint Co. milk paint in Renfrew blue.

to fix the legs, I used Homestead House Paint Co. new stain and oil finish all in one in cappuccino and it was perfect. To seal the milk paint I went with hemp oil and continued over the stained legs too and all the expos…

Fusion pebble & soapstone round accent table

There is a earth element color line in Fusion Mineral paint's Michael Penny collection; pebble and soap stone. I chose these 2 colors to relove a French provincial round accent table.

This wood table had a fairly smooth surface so just to be sure my paint would adhere well I lightly sanded over the surfaces. A good scrub made sure all sanding particles and any past "dirt" was removed again giving a great surface to apply paint over.
I started with the inside. The original mesh was sprayed flat black.

 Soapstone covered all the walls and floor to not only add contrast but to give a fresh new coat for future storage.

  I then put two coats of Fusion Mineral paint  pebble over the outside.

Once fully dry overnight I added a soapstone wash over the pebble. To do this I mixed it about 50/50 with water, brushed over the pebble and wiped back with a damp rag. This was perfect to catch in the detailed nooks and crannies and give added definition and dimension to the curvy pi…

IKEA step stool relove with milk paint & stain

I love the solid wood pieces from IKEA as they come unfinished ready to paint or stain. When Homestead House came out with their new stain and oil all in one I was stoked to try it out and my newly purchased IKEA step stool was the perfect choice to try it on.
I chose the cappuccino stain, a dark brown to go on the steps. Since you put these together yourself, the steps were easy to stain quickly and easily and in one step!!

here is the step stool top before and after just 1 coat of the all in one

 For the body of the stool I went with Miss Mustard Seed milk paint in 2 colors; my favorite Eulalie's sky and my first time trying, kitchen scale.

did you know the best way to keep your milk paint fresh is to store in a glass jar? I cut the label out and tape to the jar. Do you believe that it Eulalie's dry milk paint above in the jar top left?

I gave my newly purchased Fusion Mineral paint brush a go and it was awesome, really nice synthetic bristles with just a slight angle to t…