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Roll Top Farmhouse Bread Box

I picked this roll top bread box up at a thrift store. It was definitely not in the best shape paint wise but I knew it would look amazing in a farmhouse style in warm whites.

It has great bones, a fun farmhouse roll top door as well has a bonus storage area in the top, for what I am not sure ;)

First step was to sand down the previously painted surface to remove most of the paint drips and smooth the surface.

Black spray paint in flat matte was sprayed on all the edges so when distressed the orange is not revealed but rather a classic black.

I applied Fusion Mineral Paint in the color plaster, a creamy color with my angled sash Zibra brush, perfect for the cut in areas and straight edges. I applied two coats letting dry well between each coat.

It was then minimally distressed  along all the edges to reveal the black underneath. To add a bit of whimsy I decided to stencil on the roll top but which one?

I chose this stencil #3 from Fusion as well and went with 

Old Fashioned Milk Paint driftwood TV stand

Solid clear coat pine furniture exudes rustic to me. When I picked up this TV entertainment stand I knew it needed some color befitting of rustic country. I chose Old Fashioned Milk Paint's driftwood and buttermilk for the makeover.

solid pine entertainment center pre relove

Mixing up the driftwood milk paint powder.. so easy, just add powder to warm water in near equal portions and stir. I find Old Fashioned Milk Paint to be the smoothest mix of all milk paints I have tried. Leave the mix to sit 10 minutes or so before painting your first coat

The first coat once dry, then I added another but not until about 48 hours later. Even though I used the safe coat version (like having bonding agent for better adherence) of the milk paint, the super smooth shellac finish required the paint to dry longer to prevent lift off of the first coat when applying the 2nd.

This is my test board to see how Daddy Van's wax will change the color - far left is the paint dry, next is clear, then antique brown ending with shadow black on far right.

 I started with a full coat of clear then highlighted the board junctions and edges with the shadow black

the bead board backing is where I chose to compliment the driftwood with buttermilk

and on the buttermilk after two coats were dry, I detailed and aged with the antique brown wax over clear. Daddy Van's is so green you can put it on your lips, ok maybe not these tinted colors ;) but the clear and scented. The downside is they take quite a while to dry so impatient people like me have to learn patience or find other projects to work on. But here it is all dry...

I have received product in exchange for this post, there is no monetary compensation received from the sponsored links. Huge thanks to my great sponsor, Old Fashioned Milk Paint

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