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Krylon spray painted cabinet in sea glass and bahama sea

When my Mom gave me a solid laminated cabinet (originally for china as it has sliding glass doors) I decided to repurpose it as a fun display/book shelf using Krylon spray paint. I removed the heavy glass doors and gave it a good cleaning. 

the backing was the next thing to be removed for ease of painting. using the tiny screwdriver to wedge under and pry out did require the bandage after one foul slip ;)

I hauled outside to have good ventilation but the winds were to strong and sent me back into the garage after applying a coat of Krylon primer to the whole thing.

the fun colors  I chose to color block it in were Bahama sea in gloss and Sea Glass in satin

and for the backing I went with both in a mottled color effect

after many coats of each color  I applied a few clear matte coats to the top, sides and shelves   I reattached the backing and legs and hauled inside to stage

please excuse the sun glare, after a few days of rain the sun finally came out just a picture taking time

It wa…

white & grey sofa table

Take one dark stained top and orangy stained base sofa table and relove it in a crisp white with soft grey accents on the drawers, this was my vision. Here is how I created this sweet makeover.

here is the before

In order to get a good adherence surface I sanded, scrubbed , let dry well then primed the entire piece and left to dry for a couple days. I then added 2 coats of Country Chic simplicity. I like to distress the edges of most of my pieces as furniture is meant to be used and this helps to give it dimension and character and not create distress when a customer dings an edge in normal use.

Although this Country Chic product is an all in one formula with built in sealer I like to add an extra couple coats of sealer for added durability. I chose Polyvine wax finish giving it two coats drying 4 hours between each one. This bottle is dead flat sheen which works well with the more rustic look of the sofa table.

Disclosure : Links to the products are for your ease of information only…

Homestead House All in One finish Sideboard

I have had my sideboard sitting in our home in full use for about 4 years now with the intention of refinishing it however like the cobbler's children with no shoes, it gets overlooked all the time. I recently made time for it deciding it needed a good drink of oil as the previously stripped left the surface so dry.

so dry ;( lets give this old girl a drink

It soaked up two coats of Miss Mustard Seed hemp oil like nothing when I applied it after sanding and scrubbing well.

here is the drawer above with hemp oil showing the difference of the dry old wood

now it was time to sand down the top even though it has previously been stripped to get all marks removed and a fresh start. Everything received 2 coats of hemp oil hydration, inside and out all sides

To darken the wood, I chose Homestead House's new stain and finishing oil all in one in cappuccino. I wipe on with a paper towel, leave for about 15 minutes then use another paper towel to remove the excess. Be sure to wait at l…

Krylon catalina mist wrought iron basket

Take one solid wrought iron basket and pair it with the prettiest soft green spray paint by Krylon and you have a beautiful basket to hold magazines, towels, extra rolls of toilet paper, potted or silk plants.

In a well ventilated area spray your well cleaned piece with multiple coats of Krylon color master spray paint on all sides. I chose Catalina Mist.

And when it is dry, load it up with virtually anything you want to display or corral in this refreshed basket.

Disclosure : This post is sponsored by Krylon Canada, the links are for your information convenience only. All design and opinions are strictly my own.

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