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classic refinished coffee table in plaster-cappucinno

When a great customer offered me purchase of her mission style coffee and end table set I jumped. I love this chunky craftsman look. It did however have some water damage on the top so needed some reloving.

Orbital power sander to the rescue, a few 80-120 grit pads later it was all sanded off and ready to get a new look.

let the sanding begin and done, now for a good scrub and let dry well

I chose my favorite Homestead House's new stain and finishing oil all in one in cappuccino. This easy to use no chemical smell finish goes on so easy and leaves a lovely finish. I sand lightly with 0000 steel wool between coats to make it even smoother. I went with 3 coats of the dark brown stain and then added the natural color for additional durability. Each coat was left over night to dry well.

for the base I chose Fusion Mineral Paint in a warm white called Plaster.
Two coats lightly sanded between with a sponge sander and left to dry overnight

I like to add some depth to this creamy color so…

Fusion's Azure maple dresser

When I daw this sweet little maple dresser I instantly thought baby/child's room as it was the perfect size. It would be the right height for a change table too making it even more multi purpose. And I envisioned a fun turquoise color, excellent for either a girl or boy.

sellers photo
The solid maple top had a crackling factory finish that required a stripper to remove then more sanding to bring back to the raw wood state. 


 let bubble

then scrape off the old shellac finish and sand well

I then used Homestead House's new stain and finishing oil all in one in natural to enhance and seal this beautiful wood. Three coats gently sanded with 0000 steel wool between coats gave it the perfect finish. I LOVE this product, honestly it is so easy to apply, has no brush strokes or chemical smells and gives a soft matte sheen.
A couple coats of Fusion Mineral Paint  in the gorgeous azure blue color and this little beauty began to shine
. I decided to paint the original square mir…

Rustic reloved antique table - how to with lots of pictures

Sometimes pieces have had a tough past life, this is very true of the antique dining table I purchased from a lady. Her husband had wanted to surprise her by removing the thin veneer top but in the process he made far more marks on the table then I bet the original top had.

He then tried to fill some of the gouged areas but gave up..

I bought the table hoping to be able to save it by sanding it down however that was not going to happen even after a few hours trying

I decided that this table just needed to be embraced for what it was; full of character and history. Many people buy new wood and take hammers, screwdrivers and chains to make the top look old and rustic so why not.

so I touched up all the wood filler spots with a natural oak stain to reduce visibility

In order to give some more dimension thru color, I layered Fusion Mineral Paint  colors over the well sanded wood top and 2 leaves. I started with Fusion Mineral Paint 's little lamb watered down into a stain, this is …