Rustic reloved antique table - how to with lots of pictures

Sometimes pieces have had a tough past life, this is very true of the antique dining table I purchased from a lady. Her husband had wanted to surprise her by removing the thin veneer top but in the process he made far more marks on the table then I bet the original top had.

He then tried to fill some of the gouged areas but gave up..

I bought the table hoping to be able to save it by sanding it down however that was not going to happen even after a few hours trying

I decided that this table just needed to be embraced for what it was; full of character and history. Many people buy new wood and take hammers, screwdrivers and chains to make the top look old and rustic so why not.

so I touched up all the wood filler spots with a natural oak stain to reduce visibility

In order to give some more dimension thru color, I layered Fusion Mineral Paint  colors over the well sanded wood top and 2 leaves. I started with Fusion Mineral Paint 's little lamb watered down into a stain, this is achieved by adding some water to the paint in about a 1:3 water paint ratio 

next I dry brushed Fusion Mineral Paint in the color ash over it all in a random pattern

followed by a wet sponged coat of Fusion Mineral Paint  picket fence, the whitest of their whites

The next order of business was to apply layers of Homestead House's new stain and finishing oil all in one. Driftwood went on first, then wiped back and left to dry overnight

Homestead House's new stain and finishing oil all in one's Ebony came next to further deepen the grey palette. I gave 12 hours drying time between two coats then again left overnight.

I alternated between these two colors for another couple coats again leaving over night between color coats.

While drying I got to work on the brass feet.

the solid brass had aged in a few different patinas so I went with how to restore as first option

I was told ketchup worked better then polish so decided to try 2 with each cleaner

So after first scrubs 2 polish are on left and 2 ketchup on right, hmmm

I went back to the polish and after a good time later here are all 4 with brass polish

Now back to the table, Once the top was dry it was time to work on the lovely Duncan Phyffe style base. I chose once again the crisp white Fusion Mineral Paint  picket fence but to save paint and be sure there was no bleed thru, I gave the base and table underside 2 coats of good primer/sealer combo before applying the picket fence.

To enhance the subtle details I wanted to carry the grey down and tried a wash of little lamb but changed my mind wanting grey wax. Now if you don't have grey wax that is a simple remedy, mix Homestead House black furniture wax with Miss Mustard Seed white wax and whalaa!

the next dilemma was to keep the polished brass feet or paint, I put a poll on Facebook and Instagram with overwhelming votes to keep original.

Here is the previously in despair Duncan Pyffe style dining table with its new look ready to host many family dinners in the future. The extra leaves and fold down sides make this the perfect size table in almost any space.

I have received product as a brand blog rep in exchange for this post, but ALL the opinions are entirely MY own.  This post contains sponsored links for Fusion Mineral Paint & Homestead House Paint Co. 

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