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Danish Oiled Warm White Solid Pine Dining Table

When I bought this solid pine dining table it was in sad shape. Years of hard use has left it needing a relove!

Out came the Dewalt orbital power sander with 120 grit paper,

and after a couple hours it was back to raw wood. I did not sand all the dings out as I like to embrace the tables history while making it pretty again.
The sanded table top was wiped well and the base and table underside was scrubbed well to remove any past residue and grime.

With this in mind I chose to use Danish oil as the sealer for the solid pine top. It gives a hand rubbed finish with the durability of poly combined for the perfect finish. Between each coat I sanded lightly with a SurfPrep rad pad. I applied the recommended pre conditioning coat (seeing it was pine), the 2 suggested coats and a bonus coat the next day.
I do not like to waste anything and seeing I had left over Danish oil on my wiping rag, I rubbed it into my shop furniture mover too.
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