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Old Fashioned milk paint vanity, mirror and stool

I loved the color combination of Old Fashioned Milk Paint light cream and snow white milk paint I used on this quilt rack so much I made it again for this sweet vanity, mirror and stool set, But this time I came up with a recipe and made it creamier. 3:1 Light cream: snow white

here are the original pieces

the vanity stool was in pieces, the dowels broken off in the sides required drilling out and all new ones to glue it all back together

Once the pieces were all repaired, scrubbed well and dry it was time to start painting with the Old Fashioned Milk Paint creamy white milk paint. Two coats went on all the pieces followed by distressing. To add depth and character I chose Daddy Van's new dark was in CafĂ© noir. I love this color as it truly is a dark drown.

and it adds excellent aging details to the milk paint

on the mirror I wet distressed the raised detailing to reveal the original gold

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Antique Dresser in Homestead House Cappucino & Champlain Milk Paint

A trip to the local thrift store found this antique beauty just begging for me to take it home. It is a solid well made tall boy made by Hammond Furniture, a Canadian company.

The inset wood design on the top drawer front caught my eye seeing it restored to its original luster.

I stripped the drawer front and top and sanded smooth to bare wood

 then applied Homestead House stain & finishing oil all in one in cappuccino, this all in one finish is so lovely to use as it has minimal smell and goes on smoothly.

The pieces each had 2 coats with the top getting 3 with a light sanding between coats

The original hardware on the left was scrubbed and refreshed with a coat of Rub 'n Buff in antique gold. It does not make them look new but more of an even sheen.

For the body of the dresser I chose Homestead House Paint Co. milk paint in champlain. Milk paint has a mind of its own and will chip accordingly. This piece decided to go fairly chippy especially after coat #2. To seal it I use…

Top 9 Posts on Instagram in 2017

So I had to give it a try and do a collage of the top 9 posts from Creative Moments on Instagram, if you don't follow us there please do!
#1 Antique Coal Black Dresser #2 Roll Top Desk #3 My hello post #4 Ash Hutch #5 Navy dresser/ Sideboard #6 Would you paint Pink Post #7 Teal Press back Chair #8 Mission Coffee Table #9 My Favorites of 2016
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Painting the new Farmhouse Planked Table Top & Maple Base Part 2

It was time to paint this planked table top we built (If you missed how click the link)

On the freshly sanded raw wood I randomly brushed on a wash of Fusion Mineral Paint 's Little Lamb then covered the entire top once dry with Homestead House Milk Paint in the color raw silk.

Two coats covered perfectly allowing the little lamb grey to peek thru here and there.

The orangy stained maple base was painted with a custom mix of Fusion Mineral Paint 's little lamb, soapstone and pebble to get a medium grey. Again I went with two coats for the base.

The apron was securely affixed to the table bottom and the legs put on and flipped for a quick look

then back on the work table where the inside edge of the apron was carefully cut in with the medium grey paint, yes I am OCD like that ;)

The underside of the newly constructed plank table top was painted a coat of the

Fun Themed Growth Ruler

A customer ordered a special themed growth ruler as a Christmas gift and had a specific design in mind. She wanted certain colors for the background, numbers and additional kids names along with certain font and images. Thanks to the internet I was able to find the suitable font and a mouse silhouette.
I chose Homestead House's new stain and finishing oil all in one ebony stain for the ruler itself. Two coats gave the perfect deep black color she desired with a gorgeous wood grain still visible. This fabulous product does not require additional top coats and has a smooth soft finish.

For the numbers and Mickey silhouette I choseFusion Mineral Paintinpicket fence, a crisp white and for the names I went with Fusion Mineral Paint in fort York red. Everything is hand painted on my growth rulers. I use MS word to set up my font and sizes then print out, trace on to the board and paint with an artist brush. I prefer this look to the vinyl stickers or stencils for my creations.