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Dixie Belle Ocean Inspired Farm House Desk

When asked my favorite color I would have to see the Caribbean sea, with that in mind I gave Dixie Belle Paint a go for the first time and chose pure ocean and mermaid tail to create this gorgeous farm house style desk.

The colors changed this boring dark stained solid pine into something fabulous and full of life.

I was lucky enough to win a Dixie Belle Paint giveaway on Instagram from Thirty Eighth Street, Thank you both. I had seen lots of Dixie Belle posts but never tried this brand of paint, seems like my lucky chance.

I worked with both colors to get the ocean blue mix starting with mermaid tail all over and working pure ocean in while still wet.

I know the video would be so much better if I had a tripod to go hands free, someday ;)

The paint does not take long to dry and once it was I added 2 coats of Cece Caldwell flat matte sealer then hand rubbed the entire surface with my favorite dark wax in café noir by Daddy Vans. It not only added to the aged vintage farm house feel bu…

Rustic Peppermint Stick sets for Christmas

Rustic décor is popular where I live, I had a great customer who purchased rustic fall pumpkin sets from me in the past

send me a photo from Pinterest  asking if I could create something similar.
This is my take on the photo and seeing I had a bit extra rail pieces I made a few extra.

Once cut, and painted it was time to sand and wax, my helper is so sweet

Now to add just a wee bit of something to the white ones; raffia, jute, twine and stars, hmmm

one set I a

Wooden Bunny gets a Fusion Little Stork Paint Job

Take one rustic wood bunny shelf and add Fusion Mineral Paint  in little stork, a soft lavender color, distress the edges to keep the rustic feel and you have the perfect gift a little girls Grandma envisioned for her nursery. Adorable.

The solid wood bunny was scrubbed well to remove any grease, dirt or grime that may affect the paint adhering. Once dry I used Fusion Mineral Paint  's beeswax bar rubbed on all the edges to make the distressing easier with Fusion's super sticking paint quality.

Apply 2 coats of little stock, lightly sand all edges, wipe with a bit of white wax and it is complete, ready to be wrapped with a cute little stuffy sitting on the shelf to put under the Christmas tree.

*Disclosure I have received product as a brand blog rep in exchange for this post, but ALL the opinions are entirely MY own.  This post contains sponsored links for Fusion Mineral Paint to help you find the items I used easily. There is no monetary compensation to me, strictly added for …

Vintage Cabinet in Fusion Plaster

A customer brought this vintage cabinet to me to make pretty. It was a wedding gift to her husbands parents 64 years ago and she wanted to have it updated to have in their home. Here's what I did.

The finish was chipping off and dinged in many places and with the thick shellac they used years ago you cannot really spot sand smooth so I power sanded the entire outside down to raw wood. It was gorgeous solid hard wood. She wanted to keep the inside original other then the chipped bottom shelf.

Fusion Mineral Paint  was perfect for this makeover, the durable all in one paint went on smooth with great coverage. We chose the color plaster, a warm neutral white that will go in almost any color home. Two coats were all that was needed.

To keep it looking vintage still I added Daddy Van's dark wax in café noir to the edges and crevices to give added dimension. The interior was given a hydrating rub of hemp oil to shine and refresh. 

The customer chose to paint the original gold knobs …