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Fusion Navy dresser

A good friend asked if I could do anything with her childhood dresser that was solid wood but had seen better days cosmetically. Of course I am always about saving anything I can from the landfill so had my husband pick it up for me.

Two of the drawers had damaged edges which would not be easily repaired so I converted their spaces to open shelving which I think works great for use as a entertainment console, or a change station in a nursery (so much storage) or even a dining room buffet.

I chose Fusion Mineral Paint's midnight blue, a gorgeous navy for the paint color, deep and rich and perfect for fall

once 2 coats were on it was time to decide about distressing or not, note the legs were put back on too

I posted a poll to my followers but it was a split decision so I went with distressed a wee bit, I always think of a reloved piece it adds forgiveness after that first ding ;)

I gave Staalmeester brush a try for the inner edges with great success

The original hardware was scru…

Chair Side Table do over in Fusion Soapstone

Up until now I have only ever redid one project that seemed to be a hard color to sell and sure enough once I repainted it cream from cranberry it sold in short order. This cute chair side table I had done in light grey quite awhile back but it never got much attention and eventually I just tucked it away in one of my girls rooms to store. I recently pulled it out and updated it to a darker grey.

makeover #1 in light grey

Above is my trial doing top and side inserts Fusion Mineral Paint's soapstone, a dark gray but quickly decided to go with soapstone all over it all.

Once two coats were all dry I added Homestead House black furniture wax to add a bit more dimension and to the tops Homestead House clear wax for added protection and here it is dark grey...

This color is so hard to photograph but above ones are truest to reality

these are definitely not true to color but give more of the pieces structure and style

*Disclosure I have received product as a brand blog rep in exchange fo…

Turquoise Iris inspired dresser

I have been following The Turquoise Iris for a very long time and have admired her unique painting techniques and staging. Finally I had a piece I thought was a good size and style to give her technique a go.

 I started with this boring dated solid maple dresser.

Off came the hardware and I filled the top handle holes to install new knobs once finished. The piece got the usual full on spa scrub to remove all gunk and past "juju" for a fresh clean start. Now to start the fun part, the paint process. And this process is far out of my usual but here goes. I started with Cece Caldwell's paint in Chesapeake blue and vintage white and mixed the two half and half for  the middle color

then with a spray bottle full of water I misted the paint to allow it to run together and blend brushing as it went

and the process took quite some time as I added more of each color and sprayed and blended and let drip

once all was dry I sanded well, applied 2 coats of Cece Caldwell flat matte …

Ebony and Grey Dining Table

There are so many well loved but out dated stained dining tables just waiting to be reloved. I took this oval wood medium stained one and gave it an updated look in shades of grey.

The top had typical wear and tear but after a good sanding of 40 - 80- 120 grit sanding paper the finish was gone and the wood bare.

The perfect canvas for Homestead House's new stain and finishing oil all in one in ebony. I went with 3 coats letting each one dry overnight and given a light sanding of 220 between coats.

 This was a lovely dark black stain but I decided to take it further with various shades of Fusion Mineral Paint.

I dry brushed Fusion Mineral Paint soapstone first followed by ash then coal black and all with the same chip brush. How easy is that?

While those layered dried I painted the base and table skirt Fusion Mineral Paint little lamb, a soft universal grey.

 While the brush was still wet I dry brushed this on the top as well.

Homestead House black furniture wax was used on the …