crafty repurposed Christmas gifts

There are many things I love about essential oils, coconut oil and its multitude of uses and anything glass. I am also all about repurposing and recycling. My daughters give me beautiful candles from Bath & Body works but when they are all used up, I cannot bear to throw them away. They came in very handy when I decided to whip up some sugar scrub for the holidays.

The glass candle jars come perfectly clean, just peel off labels, soak ones that are stickier and remove any remaining glue with an orange cleaner like Nature's ultimate (formerly known as TKO).

Pinterest holds unlimited recipes but I just went simple choosing plain white sugar filling any jar about 2/3rd full then add melted coconut oil mixing with a knife as you pour. I added  Saje lavender and lemon essential oils and mixed in but the choices are endless and basically to ones personal taste or should I say smell ;)

There you have it, add the lid, a pretty label or bow and give as a lovely gift. Be sure to make one for yourself too!