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Antique Vanity Stool

Did you see the antique vanity tutorial? Get all the how tos for it in that linked tutorial and see here how the matching stool was reloved.

I sourced this antique stool at an estate sale. It was all alone, no vanity or dresser to go with it. The antique vanity did not have a stool so they made the perfect couple.

Step 1; remove seat top, flip over and prep to remove old material, or two in many cases like this one.

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Carefully remove nails holding material in place, layer by layer.

I love how antiques usually have some sort of ownership, location and or dates acquired hand written on them.

Under the first layer I found added padding and an odd plastic layer.

These hand forged nails always amaze me, they are so tiny and not one the same really.

Here is the final deconstructed stack of things that were under the floral material.

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