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Classic Black Antique Dresser

A childhood friend brought her Grandma's antique dresser to me for a reloving. Growing up, it was never a favorite of hers but once it was passed on to her she did not want to throw it out and thought perhaps we could make it pretty. I loved it from first sight and knew it could be made gorgeous.

I went with classic black as my color choice. She had loved this dresser I did for my middle daughter so felt it would be the right pick.

As per my usual look I wanted to keep the wood top stained. I started this process with a thick cot of paint stripper and a few different grits of sandpaper to bring it back to the natural wood. A good scrub for everything and let dry.

Keeping the classic black theme, I went with Homestead House's new stain and finishing oil all in one in ebony to rehydrate, stain and seal the beautiful wood grain. I used 4 coats with usually overnight dry time and fine sponge sanding between coats.

the one side and a bit on the top had bad damage on the veneer so…

Vintage Cedar Chest fun makeover

When I posted this vintage cedar chest to be painted it was immediately claimed with a fun changeup for colors. The customer wanted a fun bright turquoise base with a neutral top coat and distressed to still be vintage looking. Here is what was done to achieve her request.

She wanted the hardware painted as well and to be sure the shiny smooth metal  had good adhesion I applied Fusion Mineral Paint's  Ultra Grip to all and left for 24 hours to dry.

Her first color choice was Fusion Mineral Paint 's laurentian but once it was all one she felt to green (shown here on one of the legs)

I had also started the light top coat using Fusion Mineral Paint 's limestone before the base color change up, here is Fusion Mineral Paint 's azure going over them all

and one coat over the entire piece

next for the top coat I changed it up to Homestead House Paint Co. milk paint in limestone and applied 2 coats sanding between with a sponge sander when dry

and heavier following the last c…

dining set relove in natural stain and Fusion soapstone

I was asked to relove a family heirloom dining set. The set belonged to the customers grandma originally who picked it out in Pennsylvania and had it shipped up to Canada. The dining set eventually moved to a daughters home who had 7 children, these siblings shared many memories around this solid maple hand crafted dining table and one of them was the lucky one to get the set passed onto them.

it goes from this cute square to 8 1/2 feet long
The table was natural maple with hand painted designs on the corner to go with the dark painted chairs manufactured in Pennsylvania as well. They had a large floral design on the seat back.

wanting to keep just a subtle memory I sanded it down to a ghost shadow

Sanding was not enough, stripper was needed and a few coats for the table top, leaves and the chair seats

then hours of sanding from 80 - 120 - 220 grit sand paper 

With a tack cloth it was wiped well and the Homestead House's new stain and finishing oil all in one in natural applicat…