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March FFF Contest "Mix & Match"

Welcome to my submission for the Fab Furniture Flippin contest for March themed "Mix & Match"  sponsored by Fairfield World. Fairfeild is a manufacturer of a variety of craft/sewing/upholstery items. This will add a real spin to the usually painted furniture challenge. After much thought, I finally decided upon recreating an upholstered chair.

this balloon back antique chair was the one of choice
 time to disassemble, check out the staples used to put on the dust cover!
after getting thru the many staples it was time to go thru all the layers. The peach velvet was a "modern" update with scads of hot glue and staples holding it on
 the old original webbing was broken as was the burlap, perhaps when the back was broke out as well
 finally to the original stuffing on top and more layers to go to reveal the original horse hair seat

 the old hand forged nails were endless as well and caused many owies!
 finally the chair was disassembled,
 the original horse hair …

Country Chic Blog Squad challenge #3 vanilla frosting hutch

For my 3rd Country Chic blog squad challenge I choose a Canadian made oak hutch and the vanilla frosting all in one product. As a Country Chic paint rep, they provide me with products to showcase and share my opinions using them.

The hutch was in beautiful shape, it just needed a refreshing new color to give it some impact. Seeing it is a classic design, the creamy vanilla frosting will enhance it and a pop of color in the hutch backing will add a bit of fun.

time to get started, all hardware removed, it seems the drawer fronts are only held on with the hardware, interesting

then the super scrub down, rinse and dry
Once good and dry the fun part begins; the vanilla frosting all in one was shook and stirred well and with a good poly brush the painting process began. All in one has a learning curve for sure, I find it dries very fast and will leave edge lines where the brush stops. You can add more wet paint and brush harder but it requires fast moving hands even then. I added 2 coats s…