Country Chic Blog Squad #4 Tropical Cocktail dresser

Welcome to another Country Chic blog squad post, tropical cocktail is the feature color on a sweet sized dresser. This solid wood dresser was formerly spray painted with rustoleum spray paint in green and navy but with the adorable legs and front curves it was begging for a softer color, hello tropical cocktail!

and here is the dresser before, photo courtesy of the seller
 one of the problems with spray paint is overspray however better masking off would have helped
 luckily 80 grit sandpaper helps too
spray paint notoriously leaves drip marks too which had to all be sanded down and if you miss some they are magnified by fresh paint, ask me how I know? ;)
 on goes the first coat of tropical over the royal blue spray paint
 the edges wanted to be distressed but I was not feeling this look so repainted

 on to the green drawers

quality control on site for the 2nd coat wrap up, leaving overnight to dry
the next day tough coat went on before a mixture of white glaze dry brushed over when it was dry, this step needs good dry time so not to lift the glaze.

as for the hardware, this dresser had 12 new knobs but black. this will not work for my beachy fresh feel so they got a good scrub, dry, spray primer and multiple coats of glossy white.. spray paint, the only thing I use spray paint for ;)

After a couple more coats of tough coat to keep this piece durable for little people it was time to put back together and stage up, LOVE this color!!


this would look awesome with the sweet little wagon shelf I did in the same colors

As a Country Chic paint rep, they provide me with products to showcase and share my projects and opinions using them.