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Farmhouse White Bread Box

This slatted wood bread box had seen better days until it received its farmhouse makeover.

After a good scrubbing I painted 2 coats of House & Canvas's angora white.

This paint color is such a pretty warm white, see it on this end table, sweet watch chest, and a bit on this laundry room sign.
When dry I lightly sanded it all and minimally distressed the edges.

House & Canvas is a chalk like paint that needs to be sealed. I chose Fusion Mineral Paint's clear wax over all the surfaces.
I was trying to decide if dark wax (left) or leave plain (right) was best, dark wax won.

Fusion Mineral Paint's ageing wax was added to the edges for an aged look.

The verdict was split as to add words or a stencil in my Facebook poll so I will leave it for a bit and see what the buyer would like.

The farmhouse style look; what would you add if anything?

the back was finished as well

Cedar Lined Armoire in Navy with Copper - lots of pics

When I purchased this solid armoire cabinet it did not take long to decide on a navy paint color. I also like the carved details on the front but thought the top and sides would look lovely stenciled with the hardware copper. Using Homestead House Milk PaintCutting Edge Stencils & Krylon spray paint I achieved my vision.

But first it needed a good cleaning starting with vacuum followed with a scrub with warm soapy water to remove any past gunk and dirt that would hamper paint adherence. The entire outside was lightly power sanded to smooth the wood surface then wiped well again.

Thank goodness for this heavy duty furniture dolly to move it around and also allow to be tipped on its back for the cleaning and sanding portions.

As well I was able to paint the underside and base areas with primer all around to seal.

Homestead House Milk Paint in midnight blue was mixed up and painted on

One coat was all that was needed to get good coverage over the original dark stained wood.

I wanted to add some fun to the piece but keep it subtle too. Cutting Edge Stencils has this super pretty stencil called lily scroll that I think will provide both. They also have great starter packages with a stencil level, foam roller and stencil brush to make the stenciling job so easy.

testing placement

applying the black paint with a sponge roller and stencil brush

I did both sides and the top, it is the prefect muted look I wanted

To seal the milk paint I chose hemp oil. It is great for dark colors and as you can see on both left pieces just how rich the color goes.

After it absorbs for about 15 minutes, wipe the excess off with a soft rag or shop towel.

However once it dried, the stencil seemed to fade so I got the supplies out again and added one more coat over the top and sides.

Now to address the hardware, I chose Krylon spray paint in copper. I kept the uniquely sized original hardware, scrubbed it well and once dry applied multiple coats, perfection!

For even more depth and dimension I hand waxed the entire piece with black wax.

Again the fancy dolly came in handy to lay it down for easier access.

Once dry, it was buffed and ready to be loved again

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