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Fusion's Homestead Blue MCM dresser

Was it the 70's when arborite furniture was big? That is the guesstimate I have for this sweet little dresser I purchased from a local buy and sell site. The full solid wood frame and drawers make for a super sturdy dresser and the arborite sides and top make it not weigh a ton. But of course it needed love, the bleached "sandalwood" color needed a current funky update. My recent shipment from Fusion Mineral Paint provided the perfect color, Homestead Blue.

this is the sale ad picture, not mine I lightly sanded the entire dresser and filled in little dings here and there but being such a smooth surface I decided to try another new product to me from Fusion called ultra grip; this will adhere the paint even better
 so on went a thin coat over it all, of course all pieces need repairs here and there too
This was left overnight to dry well and the next morning it was time to begin the color change. Seeing the piece was made of all flat smooth sides, I decided to try a roll…

Miss Mustard Seed milk paint dining table in linen

A recent dining table purchase originally dark finished cried for some lighter colors, MMS milk paint in linen to the rescue. I thought it would give just the right amount old and new to this uniquely structured table. Check here for my cedar chest finished in linen.

but rethinking the smoothness of the surface and the tendencies of milk paint to resist, I put a coat of Fusion paint in casement on first for better adherence after scrubbing down.

 Sadly, dreaded oil marks appeared after a day through the casement ;(
 so spray shellac to the rescue

 time to start with the linen milk paint over entire table
milk paint will crackle but it seems there was only one area on the top, this did not make for a cohesive smooth top, in hindsight I should have stopped here and sanded down as smooth durable surface was my goal but I did not.. continue reading the extent of my determination and plan changes
 so out came the sander to smooth the top

but the base looked fantastic so I put on a couple …

June The Fab Furniture Flippin' Contest™ - "coastal inspirations"

*Disclosure I have received product in exchange for this post, but ALL the opinions are entirely MY own.  This post contains links to the sponsor, Saltwash

The theme for The Fab Furniture Flippin' Contest™ 's June contest is "Coastal Inspirations" sponsored by Saltwash. When I first heard about Saltwash I wanted to give it a go as one of my favorite things is a tropical beach and this product embodies that. Once I started thinking of projects to try it on I got a bit more concerned. I prefer the smaller scale pieces that can add a beachy vibe subtly. I chose to do a serving tray and large mirror, both pieces will add just the right amount of costal inspiration to any décor.
 the chosen pieces sans cleaning
 everything organized ready to roll
 I found the saltwash mixed in the paint easily but it was a guessing game as to consistency. It will depend on type of paint, fluidity of said paint and also your room temperature too. I kept adding till I got what I thought was …