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Antique Serving Cart

Follow along to see how this antique cart was given a fun farmhouse finish.

I purchased this sweet antique wheeled cart and as soon as I brought it home my youngest daughter asked for it for Christmas as a plant stand in her new apartment. When asked what colors she saw it in, she instantly said white and dark stain.

As with all my pieces, especially the old antiques that have seen years of wear and use I scrub them thoroughly. You can in the still photo and the video just how much grime and dirt comes off.

Next I removed the bottom shelf for easier stripping and staining. Both flat surfaces were stripped with paint stripper then power sanded smooth. The corners on the top surface with the raised edges required hand sanding to get into the tight corners.

Once the sanding was complete and the whole piece wiped down again to remove any sanding dust it was time to stain. I chose my go to Homestead House's stain and finishing oil all in one  in the color cappuccino. See a farmhouse h…

Miss Mustard Seed milk paint dining table in linen

A recent dining table purchase originally dark finished cried for some lighter colors, MMS milk paint in linen to the rescue. I thought it would give just the right amount old and new to this uniquely structured table. Check here for my cedar chest finished in linen.

but rethinking the smoothness of the surface and the tendencies of milk paint to resist, I put a coat of Fusion paint in casement on first for better adherence after scrubbing down.

 Sadly, dreaded oil marks appeared after a day through the casement ;(
 so spray shellac to the rescue

 time to start with the linen milk paint over entire table
milk paint will crackle but it seems there was only one area on the top, this did not make for a cohesive smooth top, in hindsight I should have stopped here and sanded down as smooth durable surface was my goal but I did not.. continue reading the extent of my determination and plan changes
 so out came the sander to smooth the top

but the base looked fantastic so I put on a couple coats of Miss Mustard Seed tough coat then aged the corners with dark wax.. I love it!

Back working on the top, I primed and repainted but crackling continues so another resand, prime and paint
but one end seems to have a mind of its own, again non cohesive so a new plan came to mind, another coat of tough coat then a dark brown color wash to blend it all together, this went on the whole table base and edges included

 again I liked the look but it was not the same throughout so yet another plan was hatched
a full dark brown paint job which looked awesome so I put on 3 more tough coats
 BUT when sponge sanded gently between last two coats the raised areas sanded off to look spotty!
get out the power sander but all the layers proved daunting taking a couple hours to get the one side down to bare wood
 3 stages
 time for the heavy hitter
 and even it took a few coats, check out the multitude of layers
 but here is it all gone
and the staining process underway. This is one of the longest projects with the most revamps but it is going to be worth it when done. After 72 hours drying time, I sealed the top with 3 coats of hand rubbed poly for a smooth durable top. The end result is a stunning combination with the linen milk paint.

I have received product in exchange for this post, but ALL the opinions are entirely MY own.  This post contains a sponsored link for Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint

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