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Restoration Hardware inspired dining table

my Restoration Hardware version
*pic from Restoration Hardware website*

I love Restoration Hardware but I hate the prices. So when I purchased this wood dining table I immediately saw it in RH greys.

The table is only 4 years old but it seems someone spilled something that ruined the finish but I saw the perfect challenge piece and purchased it knowing full well it would be made over into something useable. I started with my orbital sander but the finish was tough so opted to pull out the stripper.

so pour on the stripper and let is do its thing, bubble bubble... and scrape

and this is what is removed for one table top

but once stripped and sanded it looks like this, check out that inlaid veneer grain

time to get painting, I chose Fusion Mineral Paint's line for this project, Little lamb from the Tones for Tots line and ash from regular line

here is little lamb mixed with water as a stain for the top

then ash added with a wet brush to add dimension

what do you think?

I just lov…

Ivory pearl gives a vintage look to an old chair

Plaster Paint Canada has a new line of colors just coming out called the Marc & Mandy collection. Laurie, the co-owner of PPC sent me a few of the colors to try along with their dark wax.

I chose my favorite, ivory pearl, to try first and envisioned it on this replica press back captain chair.

the paint goes on smoothly and dries fast but I did leave overnight to dry well but I remembered why chairs with spindles are a pain, it took 1 1/2 hour to paint just the first coat.. yep two full Netflix episodes ;)

 and then I distressed the edges, back and seat with a sanding sponge as well as my orbital sander

Before applying the dark wax I put a coat of plaster paint clear paste wax just to keep the saturation of such a soft color truer. Plaster wax goes on fast and dries fast to a super smooth shiny finish.

But once I opened and tried the PP antiquing wax I found it would have been fine to put one without a clear coat. The antiquing was is like soft milk chocolate icing and leaves ju…

The Fab Furniture Flippin' August Contest™ with D Lawless Hardware

The Fab Furniture Flippin' August Contest™ is sponsored by D Lawless Hardware. This hardware company is a family run business in the States that has a superior customer service base. I have had questions in the past about crazy obsolete hardware pieces and they always can find me the answer and what to look for if they do not carry.

The theme for this month's contest is "Class It Up". I had the perfect piece for that, an almost new but been thru a storm dresser I purchased from a local online site. The gal claimed her new dresser ended up looking like this when picked up from storage, perhaps the trailer tipped? ;) Scratches and gouges in the wood, a missing handle.. poor thing, it needed classing up for sure.

I was so stoked to find these amazing label pulls, which I have been always hoping to use, in the exact size of this dresser's existing holes on D Lawless Hardware site. However when I went to start painting I thought I best check again the measurements. …