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Antique Dresser with layers of color and texture

I scored this antique dresser from an estate sale for an elderly German lady. She used it to store linens.
I think it saw allot more use before that duty though ;)

The top drawer for sure had wore a deep groove in the runner rail, I refilled with wood filler and sanded smooth once dry After repairs my first task is a deep clean especially on these old pieces. It was hand scrubbed with warm water, soap and some TSP and hosed till water runs clear then left overnight to dry.

Seeing it had lots of wear I choose a finish that would be in keeping with the age yet work with the years of service. Fusion Mineral Paint in coal black was mixed with their fresco for a textured paint and it was applied by brush in a random pattern all over the drawers and body.

Next layer once dry was Fusion Mineral Paint's little lamb and fresco

and again randomly applied by brush

I wish I knew the code for this dresser stamped on the back
Fusion Mineral Paint lamp white then went all over and left to dry

Restoration Hardware inspired dining table

my Restoration Hardware version
*pic from Restoration Hardware website*

I love Restoration Hardware but I hate the prices. So when I purchased this wood dining table I immediately saw it in RH greys.

The table is only 4 years old but it seems someone spilled something that ruined the finish but I saw the perfect challenge piece and purchased it knowing full well it would be made over into something useable. I started with my orbital sander but the finish was tough so opted to pull out the stripper.

so pour on the stripper and let is do its thing, bubble bubble... and scrape

and this is what is removed for one table top

but once stripped and sanded it looks like this, check out that inlaid veneer grain

time to get painting, I chose Fusion Mineral Paint's line for this project, Little lamb from the Tones for Tots line and ash from regular line

here is little lamb mixed with water as a stain for the top

then ash added with a wet brush to add dimension

what do you think?

I just love the thick pedestal base..

and here it is with a coat of darker grey on the base.. Fat's Amanda Forrest Greysful

and the top view after a bit of greysful added too

this is my test board.. I added Fusions  antiquing tough coat to half to see the effect and I loved it

so on it went BUT I did not like what happened in the center when coats went over each other.. note to self.. don't cross areas

but more sanding helped to remove much of the brown/grey area

I added more ash on the final base coat, Fusion adheres so well I find sanding to reveal layers a bit harder so chose to brush on more colors as I sanded. I found the secret weapon to better detailing.. fingers! thankfully Fusion is low VOC and easy clean up so not a worry and it looks awesome

then hit the top with black glaze

and this is where it sits at day 2 left overnight to dry

the next day the top received 2 clear tough coats and the base had the black glaze treatment and again left to dry overnight. The entire table received another coat of tough coat and the top 2 additional coats.

Time to move in and photograph...

yes this is me, and the table. I usually am behind the camera but Hometalk requested painter & project picture

so again, here is my version and the Restoration Hardware one.. what do you think?

photo from Restoration Hardware website

I have received product in exchange for this post, but ALL the opinions are entirely MY own.  This post contains sponsored links for Fusion Mineral Paint

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  1. It's very lovely....maybe a bit shinier than RH's table, but the colors look pretty close. Great work!

    1. true.. I did use matte tough coats but they indeed are still shinier than RH or could possibly be my flash too ;) thank you

  2. My stars, you rocked that table! Your hard worked paid off, and your table looks amazing. Great job. Take care, Cynthia

  3. Replies
    1. thank you Mary, coming from you I am honored ;)

  4. What a beautiful table! I love the layered, textured look.

  5. Great end result, love the quality of the paint finish, brings the table right up to date!


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