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Navy Sideboard / Sofa Table

I loved the bones of this Sklar Pepplar sideboard / sofa table and knew it would look fabulous in a classic color to update the worn original stained finish.

As with all my projects, the first step is to scrub the piece well with warm soapy water, rinse and dry well. The top of the bottom shelf was lightly power sanded to smooth the finish then wiped well to remove and sanding dust.
I imagined it in a deep rich navy and ordered classic navy from a new paint line called Jolie Paint.

Look at the lovely packaging they send it in! See this sweet jewelry box and this fun wooden accent chair in malachite. And this stained and painted wood chair in verdigris. Boat are the small tester sizes in the box.

Here is the beautiful classic navy and their signature brush. I LOVE the brush; the construction is so well made and the handle fits my hand perfectly. The natural bristles apply the paint beautifully.

The top has a leather inset which covered easily with this paint. And this beauty has caster…

The Fab Furniture Flippin' August Contest™ with D Lawless Hardware

The Fab Furniture Flippin' August Contest™ is sponsored by D Lawless Hardware. This hardware company is a family run business in the States that has a superior customer service base. I have had questions in the past about crazy obsolete hardware pieces and they always can find me the answer and what to look for if they do not carry.

The theme for this month's contest is "Class It Up". I had the perfect piece for that, an almost new but been thru a storm dresser I purchased from a local online site. The gal claimed her new dresser ended up looking like this when picked up from storage, perhaps the trailer tipped? ;) Scratches and gouges in the wood, a missing handle.. poor thing, it needed classing up for sure.

I was so stoked to find these amazing label pulls, which I have been always hoping to use, in the exact size of this dresser's existing holes on D Lawless Hardware site. However when I went to start painting I thought I best check again the measurements. Darn, those listed were outside measurements, not the center to center but not to worry, wood filler to the rescue. I had used it extensively on the scratches too.

Once sanded and scrubbed well it was time to paint. I chose a navy chalk paint for the first step. I went with a random pattern hoping for subtle texture
 and then some additional dimension with a black wax (clear shown below but chose shadow black)

the black directly over the navy did deepen the color immensely but added to the classy rich navy coloring
this all natural wax takes much longer to dry so was left for many days with a light buffing every few days.
then the package arrived fro D Lawless and what a fabulous bunch of goodies it had, lots for other projects but you can see the sweet label pulls
 stay tuned for projects using the other cup pulls, round knobs and casters (have you tried to find casters for antiques?? it is a challenge but of course Lawless carries a variety!)
 my trusty assistant (ok husband) drilled a wee pilot hole and installed the sweet pulls and wahlaa..
 here it is
 I love the vintage file cabinet look on this classic color and style, this piece has been "classed up"!
 I envisioned in a child's room with the drawers marked for ease of finding but also reading skills
 5 full sliding drawers with safety stops make it a perfect addition to a child's room

 LOVE the vintage look pulls, thank you D Lawless Hardware for a perfect match

If you want to see more of the projects in this months contest check out Stacy's page or Colleen's page;  all are at the bottom of either page and if YOU want to participate in a future challenge contact

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  1. You knocked it out of the park with that hardware! Love the industrial yet elegant look!

  2. What a beautiful job. I love the dark blue with the classic pulls. Beautiful


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