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Milk Painted Dining Table in Homestead House Confederate Grey

I purchased yet another outdated orange stained pedestal dining table that needed TLC.

When you work alone and need an assistant you have to think outside the box ;0) The leg is longer then an arm right?

For this table I went with Homestead House Milk Paint in Confederate grey. I used it on this jumbo chalkboard too.

After a good scrub, power sand to smooth the surface and a wipe down it was time to paint.

Two coats of the dark grey milk paint applied with my angled sash Zibra brush, which cut easily into the corners gave the table a gorgeous new look.

But I did not stop here, a light sanding to take down the milk paint to a smooth buttery soft surface

then apply Fusion Mineral Paint discontinued antiquing tough coat. It is just like their clear tough coat but as you can see, tinted with brown. This added warmth to the cool grey tone of the milk paint as well as providing a layer of sealed durability.

To add even more interest and dimension, Fusion Mineral Paint's clear glaze mix…

Country Chic gets nocturnal

Fall brings color changes all over including Country Chic's limited color release. I stepped out of my comfort zone and ordered nocturnal ( a mossy green) and it did not disappoint.
Nocturnal – A naturally dark earthen color that can be similar in tone to the popular Rocky Mountain, but with a warmer, moss-green base.

I chose to put it on this vintage solid wood table built by Deilcraft made in Canada. The vintage style and this fall color paired perfect to restore this table to years of use to come.

I was pretty excited to try my new oval brush from Country Chic too and loved it, it holds lots of paint and goes on smoothly. I worried about a straight cut edge but it worked like a charm, highly recommend.

the first and second coat went on smoothly and dried quickly between coats

and since it is the all in one paint, I sponge sanded lightly between coats for a super smooth finish

I wanted the piece to keep is vintage appeal so to enhance the great details I chose Country Chic antiquing wax (note there is a sealing film on top of this wax each time it dries, just peel off and use) with a bit of clear wax if it went on too dark

the left side is antiqued while the right remains fresh paint

lighting changes this color easily but it truly is closer to the darker picture

once inside it was time to stage and photograph

 love the carved details

and it has the perfect storage area for blankets, books, toys or anything you want to tuck away

I have received product in exchange for this post, but ALL the opinions are entirely MY own.  This post contains sponsored links for Country Chic Paint

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