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Stenciled Deck Rug

We built our new house in the middle of a prairie hay field. This means we have a ton of wind at least until all our planted trees mature in about 10 years!! I have always wanted a beautiful deck with a pretty rug but unless it was nailed down and was pet hair proof it is not going to happen. I can however have a painted/stenciled one. Here is how I did it ...

Using this large prosperity mandala stencil from Cutting Edge Stencils and Fusion Mineral Paint I created the rug of my dreams.

Like any painted project, prep is needed.. first step was to sweep

and scrub my deck where I planed to put the new "rug".
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I got my supplies ready
- my prosperity Cutting Edge Stencil - a mini foam roller and tray - a hammer and nail (to affix stencil in place) - my Fusion Mineral Paint colors; renfrew blue, azure and lamp white

Finding the center of where I wanted the "rug" I nailed it in place.


Refinished Antique Tall Dresser

This antique dresser has such lovely wood grain it begged to be refinished.

I love the dovetail construction and solid wood frame.

The hardware was removed and the entire piece scrubbed clean with warm soapy water with some Fusion Mineral Paint TSP.

The next step was to strip the drawer fronts using Heirloom Max furniture stripper.

Hand sanding was next order, see the left drawer half sanded?? This removes any left over stripper and original finish and smooths the wood nicely.

Above is all the drawers sanded smooth and ready for stain.

I chose Homestead House's cappuccino stain and oil. This fantastic product goes on easily and after 10-15 minutes you wipe off any excess.

First coat complete, how lovely! Leave to dry overnight

I then added two coats (24 hours dry time between coats) of Homestead House's ebony stain and oil finish. I applied the same order of color on the body of the dresser as well after a light sanding to smooth the original finish.

The top was stripped, 


and stained as well just like the rest. Above shows the first coat of cappuccino stain, isn't that grain beautiful?

The original hardware was lovely and I wanted to keep it on the piece. I tried polishing with my usual metal polish with no real change.
So I applied a coat of Rub 'n Buff in antique gold which was perfect.

Originally I was going to paint the body navy but after seeing it turn out so lovely all stained I have offered it up for sale like this and will ponder painting if it does not find a new home.
Do you think navy will enhance it even more?

I have to shout out to my daughters for that beautiful fiddle leaf fig tree they gave me for my birthday a few weeks back. I <3 it!!

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