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Mandala Stenciled Round IKEA Coffee Table

I love mandalas! They are such a pretty addition to some many pieces and come in so many designs. This round oak inlaid coffee table from IKEA is a great classic shape and color but needed a fresh coat of paint and a bit of pizzazz.Step one is always to clean the furniture piece well then sand the edges and add wood filler to any areas needing it.

Fusion Mineral Paintin coal black was brushed on in the direction of the wood grain using myCling On short brush. Using a mister bottle helps keep the paint moving well when needed.

One coat was all that was needed to fresh up the paint.

Now for the fun part, the mandala stencil. My favorite is this prosperity mandala stencil from Cutting Edge. It comes in a variety of sizes to fit every project. This one is 24". I have used prosperity mandala on these other projects including the largest size on my deck to create a mandala rug.

I am also a fan of Cutting Edge Stencil Tools Kit too. Here are other Cutting Edge stencil projects.
I used a subt…

Walnut Stained and Verdigris Painted Wooden Chair

Before and after chair makeover :)

This sweet wooden chair had a wobble. Luckily it was able to be disassembled to start all over. 

That also made it perfect to stain part and paint part for a fun two tone color scheme.

A good scrub was the first step to remove any thing like fingerprints, dried food etc that would affect paint adherence.

The color portion would come from my new box of Jolie Paint products.

See navy used on this sweet sofa table and malachite used on this adorable chair and gorgeous jewelry box.

I chose Jolie Paint in verdigris; a soft robin's egg blue.

After the first coat of paint went on there some areas on the bow back that needed further sanding. Easy enough to do and repaint. Two coats were the perfect coverage.

AS you can see above it is only a tester size of this color but even after 2 coats on this chair, there is half a tester pot left!!

The wood seat was power sanded down to bare wood.

Then General Finishes antique walnut gel stain was applied. After it dried well for a few days, 3 coats of General Finishes high performance top coat in flat finish with my angled Zibra brush went on with overnight drying between coats.

To seal the pretty paint, Jolie Paint's clear wax wax hand rubbed on. 

Then it was time to reassemble the chair adding counter sunk screws into the legs thru the seat frame for additional support along with fresh glue. The seat back was screwed in place

 and wahlaaaa

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This project has my affiliate link to Jolie Paint; prices do not change when you purchase paint and supplies thru the link, They do however give me a small credit to continue creating more amazing pieces using Jolie Paint.

July 12. 2019

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