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Warm White Magnolia Cake Plate

  Another cake plate total transformation. It went from bold pink to soft warm white with pretty magnolia detailing.

Floral Stenciled Wooden Crate


This hand crafted wooden crate needed some pizzaz to give it a one of a kind look ready to hold pretty potted flowers on a front step. Happy Mother's Day it will be for one lucky Mom!

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The bare wood was white washed with white magic Voodoo Gel Stain. This water based stain was watered down as well as the natural wood was misted too with a Fine Mist Spray Bottle to allow the wood fibers to absorb the white stain readily.

All sides were white washed inside and out. I used a premium chip brush to apply.

To add the one of a kind look I chose the tea towel floral stencil. Weeping willow Dixie Belle Paint was the green color used.

This sagey green is a pretty spring color.

The stencil was repeated on all 4 sides.

I wanted the crate to stay looking hand crafted and worn so once the paint was dry, the sides were sanded to smooth and removed some of the paint.

Cottage door - a soft coral Paint was added for a pop of color on the crate. It was used with the butterflies silk screen stencil.

Perfect pop of color right?

Again the stenciled sides were lightly sanded. To further give a worn look I used a premium chip brush and buttercream Paint to dry brush over the entire crate. These brushes are so versatile and perfect for using on projects that may wear your best brushes.

To add more age, another chip brush (dedicated to brown wax) was used to apply brown best dang wax. The narrow brush gets into the crevices and blends easily. I light handed also dry brush the dark wax across the sides too.

And because it is going to be most likely outside, I gave it 2 coats of satin clear coat again with a premium chip brush. This step I did about a week after the wax went on to be sure everything was good and dry.

Links to the Dixie Belle products are for your convenience. My affiliation with this company does not increase prices on your end, your purchases via my links do however provide a small subsidy which allows me to keep providing these free tutorials. Thank you!


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  1. Beautifully done. Great repurposing! Kudos.

  2. What a unique crate! And love how you just made it even prettier! The patina matches it perfectly!

    1. Thank you Donna, your kind words mean allot :)

  3. So pretty, Lee Ann! And Love how it adds such a touch of boho to the crate. Great for plants! I'm happy to be featuring your post at this week's Tuesday Turn About!

    1. Thank you Julie for featuring this project and for hosting weekly!!

  4. This turned out so cute! Pretty colors and so well done. I'll be featuring this post at Thursday Favorite Things tomorrow. :)

    1. Hi Pam, thank you so much for that honor, I will be stopping by!


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