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corner accent table for sale - SOLD

I painted this sturdy little solid wood corner accent table my signature blue, distressed and glazed. Sealed with 2 coats of wax for protection. It is now ready to go to a new home. The dimensions are 28 1/2 " high and the rounded front measures 20". It will add a pop of color in any home.
below a close up of the top, the color is truer in the above photo

new hutch project

I purchased and brought home this wood hutch this w/e with some help. I am planning on doing it an antique white but not sure on the inside back color. If anyone is interested in it and wants a color let me know.
I will take a better photo before I start it

custom coffee table - For Sale

Sheldon made me my reclaimed old lumber coffee table just as I sketched it out. We had interest in him making more to sell. He has since decided he will make one more. This is our table, it is 4'X3' and is very sturdy. I am going to seal it with danish oil. The table has a ton of character.

the 2nd custom table can be made any size. If interested please contact me.

side board or dresser?

I purchased this unique dresser this week. I think it will work better for an entry way or side board in dining room with its unique adjustable shelving system. I plan to do it a dark graphite black leaving the silver handles. It has a frosted top that I may or may not paint as well.

headboard bench

I have been planning this for a bit, a headboard bench, even had a headboard but not quite so fancy but gave to rummage sale, will have to keep eyes open now

new table projects

I purchased 2 new tables this week..

this is a 53X42 antique oak table which I am going to refinish the top and maybe legs or may do them antique white (thanks to Sheldon for mapquesting thru the city to retrieve for me!)
and this pedestal set with 4 chairs I plan to do all antique white with distressing and glaze or could do it like this cover photo and do the chairs my signature blue

hutch progress to finish

This w/e was so darn cold it was perfect w/e to work on the hutch. I vacuumed, scrubbed, removed all glass, primed and painted 3 white coats and then 2 coats of deep turquoise on the back board.

Now the finishing techniques are all that is left. So I waxed and glazed it and put it all back together
the glass reflected lots and the light was on but will try and get some better pictures soon but it sure came a long way from this after many hours of blood sweat and tears! :-)

corner and round tables

This little corner table I see in a turquoise color for popularity but also can see it red or yellow, please comment in the boxes below so I can get a better idea which colors to go with :-)

and I picked up this antique round table

 which I may finish like one of these ideas

end and coffee table projects

My most recent acquisitions were these 2 sets of coffee and end table
this one I am thinking aqua with a glaze or should it be bold, the pine top not pretty enough to stain though so could do dark

and this set I am leaning towards black with white on edge and white stenciling on top like this

crystal chanda-lamp

When I was little I adored the crystal drop chandeliers. My Grama and Grandad Walker always found the perfect gifts I yearned for. I cannot remember if it was Christmas of my birthday but here is my pretty little lamp they gave me. For years it sat by my bed and sparkled like my own star system. It went to college with me and to my new married life spare room. Over the years a few crystal drops were lost but I could never give it up. I want to give her a new dress as she sits in the spare room in our new house. Of course it ill be a pretty blue dress.
 I have lost 2 crystal drops over the years but am sure I can find new ones
 all apart ready to paint
painting metal
and back in place, she is not sealed yet as again I am unsure of the color but it certainly adds a pop to the spare room

pepper grinder and knife block

so my pepper grinder and knife block are still the blond wood color, a bit out of place and stark in our new darker wood home so why not paint them, today this was my project and although they did not start out what I wanted I think by the end they will be a nice change.. for now anyway!
after fiddling around and a few more layers of glaze here is it now, not sealed just waiting to decide if I want to keep it this color
 they re darker than the photo

small round dining table ~ SOLD~

this little table I picked up hoping it would help us when we were table-less but it was not quite what we needed so I will paint up and sell. I am planning to do it a dark black so it will fit more kitchen color schemes. There were many good suggestions of chili pepper red, lime green black and white.

today I put on two coats of steel grey chalk paint

but against that judgment I distressed lightly the table edge. I waxed the legs and put two coats of polycrylic for durability on the top.

but now I think I will age it to before selling
 and that is what I did today March 9th and really like it, above the last leg not done and below done
it adds dimension and old feel. I waxed the entire table and legs to seal it all. It is now ready for sale.

wooden filing cabinet

I am on the search for a wooden filing cabinet, preferably the small 2 drawer kind like this
I am going to build a wall of bookshelves and the tall metal one I have is too big and in the way, plus I want to paint it up :-)
even a metal 2 drawer would work

chalk paint

Well I have had a love hate relationship with chalk paint. I researched Annie Sloan and once I found a Calgary dealer I found they no longer sold it but rather a Canadian brand called Van Gogh. To start the owner of the store and the owner of the paint company were helpful but not for long. The store actually ditched this paint too and went to Miss Mustard Seeds milk paint. This was after she sold me $200 worth of VG chalk paint, brushes and wax.

My questions regarding using other products in combination with their chalk paint had the Van Gogh lady saying I should just stick to her products and take a class, hmm not so helpful. On the garden web forum however she claimed she could solve any problem. HA, I guess marketing is her strong suit not customer relations.

With my ever curious need to research and learn via the internet I found Jen at Fabulous Rubbish. She lives in Spruce Grove and Heather sent me her link knowing I was trying to learn more about recycling furniture. Jen sugges…

pet bed

well here is a cute idea .. I may have to find one of these

such a cute idea