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Antique Serving Cart

Follow along to see how this antique cart was given a fun farmhouse finish.

I purchased this sweet antique wheeled cart and as soon as I brought it home my youngest daughter asked for it for Christmas as a plant stand in her new apartment. When asked what colors she saw it in, she instantly said white and dark stain.

As with all my pieces, especially the old antiques that have seen years of wear and use I scrub them thoroughly. You can in the still photo and the video just how much grime and dirt comes off.

Next I removed the bottom shelf for easier stripping and staining. Both flat surfaces were stripped with paint stripper then power sanded smooth. The corners on the top surface with the raised edges required hand sanding to get into the tight corners.

Once the sanding was complete and the whole piece wiped down again to remove any sanding dust it was time to stain. I chose my go to Homestead House's stain and finishing oil all in one  in the color cappuccino. See a farmhouse h…

chalk paint

Well I have had a love hate relationship with chalk paint. I researched Annie Sloan and once I found a Calgary dealer I found they no longer sold it but rather a Canadian brand called Van Gogh. To start the owner of the store and the owner of the paint company were helpful but not for long. The store actually ditched this paint too and went to Miss Mustard Seeds milk paint. This was after she sold me $200 worth of VG chalk paint, brushes and wax.

My questions regarding using other products in combination with their chalk paint had the Van Gogh lady saying I should just stick to her products and take a class, hmm not so helpful. On the garden web forum however she claimed she could solve any problem. HA, I guess marketing is her strong suit not customer relations.

With my ever curious need to research and learn via the internet I found Jen at Fabulous Rubbish. She lives in Spruce Grove and Heather sent me her link knowing I was trying to learn more about recycling furniture. Jen suggested Cece Caldwell chalk paint which is USA based as well as Reloved chalk paint which is made in Edmonton.

Today however I took a leap of faith and made my own chalk paint. It went on well and will see how the 2nd coat and wax work with it.
 2nd coat went on well to. I very much liked and will use this to mix up paint for my hutch too.

Update Mar 24/13: the homemade chalk paint did not do well on the hutch. I think it was the type of paint I mixed it with. I have an order in the mail from Reloved. Can't wait to try it.

Update Mar 31/13: I bought different paint and mixed my own again for the blue tables and it worked perfect. I also made it with the grey for TV console and it did leave a white "grain" in places that I sanded down between layers but it went on well and did not harden up. Clearly it was the SICO high adhesive door and trim that did not work well.

Update April 9/13: my reloved sample and my Cece quart arrived. relove sent color sticks and have pretty colors. I am excited to paint something the island blue. The following day I used the Cece brand. It was low odor smelling more like clay but I found it very thick. I think I will water down the 2nd coat on my next project. The can was plastic which was unique.

It seems milk paint is the new rage. I have a small amount of the Old Fashioned Milk Paint coming from the states. Not sure what I will try it on but will find something.