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Farmhouse Rustic Grey Accent Table

This rustic farmhouse dresser in grey I did awhile back has been the top post on my Pinterest page for many months. It seems to be a much loved finished so when I purchased these country planked looked table set I knew the paint finish would look awesome on them too.

 I started with the round accent / end table first.

Step one was to power sand the top and shelf to smooth the old finish then spray with shellac to seal and give an even surface

The entire piece and all under edges were first painted 2 coats of  Fusion Mineral Paint in a soft grey from the tones for tots line called little lamb.

To warm up the cool grey I did a wash of Fusion Mineral Paint in chocolate over it all. I added a wee bit of water to give a bit more open time to wipe back the paint but it is still best to do in sections.

Once all is dry I dry brushed Fusion Mineral Paint in lamp white over it all then sealed with Fusion's clear wax over all the top surfaces followed by the black and ageing waxes to add mo…

crystal chanda-lamp

When I was little I adored the crystal drop chandeliers. My Grama and Grandad Walker always found the perfect gifts I yearned for. I cannot remember if it was Christmas of my birthday but here is my pretty little lamp they gave me. For years it sat by my bed and sparkled like my own star system. It went to college with me and to my new married life spare room. Over the years a few crystal drops were lost but I could never give it up. I want to give her a new dress as she sits in the spare room in our new house. Of course it ill be a pretty blue dress.
 I have lost 2 crystal drops over the years but am sure I can find new ones
 all apart ready to paint
painting metal
and back in place, she is not sealed yet as again I am unsure of the color but it certainly adds a pop to the spare room