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Farmhouse White Bread Box

This slatted wood bread box had seen better days until it received its farmhouse makeover.

After a good scrubbing I painted 2 coats of House & Canvas's angora white.

This paint color is such a pretty warm white, see it on this end table, sweet watch chest, and a bit on this laundry room sign.
When dry I lightly sanded it all and minimally distressed the edges.

House & Canvas is a chalk like paint that needs to be sealed. I chose Fusion Mineral Paint's clear wax over all the surfaces.
I was trying to decide if dark wax (left) or leave plain (right) was best, dark wax won.

Fusion Mineral Paint's ageing wax was added to the edges for an aged look.

The verdict was split as to add words or a stencil in my Facebook poll so I will leave it for a bit and see what the buyer would like.

The farmhouse style look; what would you add if anything?

the back was finished as well

Fusion fresco fun shelves

I had a plan to makeover these boring dull resin wall shelves in an old world look. Easiest way to achieve this is to use Fusion Mineral paint's fresco, a powder added right into Fusion Mineral paint that creates amazing texture.

My first attempt I mixed the fresco powder with water and stippled on followed by a coat of milk paint once dry.  

I wanted to try to get a crackled appearance as well that would reveal the blue milk paint under what was to be my top coat of cream but after applying the crackle glaze there was a lesson mishap. All the layers as they began to dry popped right off. It seems the water in the fresco even though dry to the feel still was there and combined with the crackle medium did not like each other.

Time to scrap off the pieces and scrub the shelves back up to start again. I added this portion to the post to share my lesson learned and prevent you from having the same issue.

Use the product correctly... For the ultimate in adhesion, mix the fresco powder with Fusion Mineral paint and stipple on. I chose to mix it with chocolate.

I let this coat dry well overnight and covered the textured surface with limestone. Once dry a light sanding revealed the dark chocolate but lets not stop there.

Homestead house, the parent company of Fusion, has new wax colors out. I chose black and espresso to work into the chocolate/limestone to age and give further dimension.

 PERFECT, these ugly wall shelves are now the perfect old world plaster look.

Please note that although this post is Fusion Mineral paint sponsored, all opinions are my own. No monetary compensation has been received. The links are for your convenience to learn more about these great products.

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