Cece Caldwell Brand rep project #1 ~ boring dresser turned fall fabulous

For my first project as a Cece Caldwell rep I chose this solid wood but so BORING dresser. It just had nothing standing out but had lots of storage and well made. Time for a reloving.
I anxiously waited my first shipment and here is what arrived, so exciting
Savannah praline stain + finish in one
Michigan Pine natural chalk + clay paint
flat matte finish
and an added bonus .. the not even released at the time, metallic wax in Bauxite Beige

so now to come up with a vision.. first all repairs, sanding, a good hand scrub with brushes, soap & TSP followed by a good hose down so all products adhere without any surprise oil marks and provide a clean smooth surface
 to give the boring dresser some pizzazz I affixed wood appliques on the top drawer front

and as usual there are always repairs required as you go along, repairs bring the piece back to new condition
time to begin the paint process, Michigan pine was applied over the existing base coat of soft yellow which inspired the fall coloring I had in mind
once dry, the Savannah praline stain was dry brushed randomly over the green
 and finally 4 coats of the flat matte sealer
This was the first time I have used a matte finish and loved it with this coloring, it allowed it to have a subtle harmony of the fall colors. I staged the dresser and posted it to my Creative Moments Facebook page in hopes of finding it a new forever home. Please stop by, would love to have you visit and say Hi.

I did not use the metallic wax on this project but will be sure to post when I do. I am very excited to get my next package in December, stay tuned for what surprises will arrive and what I create with it.

HUGE thanks to Cece Caldwell for providing the products to try this new look and for creating products that are so amazing. I will be using flat matte allot in the future and must get kukui stain + finish for many rich dark projects I have in mind!

Creative Moments https://www.facebook.com/CreativeMoments1

I have received some of the product used in this post, but ALL the opinions are entirely MY own.  This post contains a sponsored link for CeCe Caldwells