cleaning tip

So I love Pinterest.. growing up I had folders and binders and stacks of recipes, articles from magazines and pictures and this is my dream organization. I am also a HUGE reuse, repurpose, recycle gal so love the ideas it shares for many of these things.

As many of you know though, not everything that is posted works as well for others. I saw a post to use old dryer sheets to clean base boards but for me they did not do anything. I could not just throw them out. I decided to try them in my bathroom sink to clean as they have a bit of texture even after many runs thru the dryer.

Sure enough, a little water and the sink scrubbed clean. They work awesome even dry to shine up the faucets and taps. As a last wipe, I use them around the toilet bowl then toss. I feel so much better when an item has performed many duties and used to its fullest potential before tossing in our ever crowed landfills. Give it a try! ;)

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