Cece Caldwell Vintage white curio cabinet with a pop

Cece Caldwell's vintage white is a universal paint color. It is the perfect white, and when dark wax is added it ages amazingly. A customer wanted that color for their Grandma's curio cabinet. Starting out medium dark brown it was transformed to a fresh new that is still in keeping with its age but fits into the customers color scheme.

 before.. customer removed all glass, hardware, lighting and original mirrored backing
 2 coats of CeCe Caldwell's vintage white
 wet distressed so nicely to reveal great details

 the new wood backing hey choose got a fun pop of color then dark waxed
 but test placement shows it a bit to bright still even with dark wax
 dark wax on the vintage with looks great and the addition of a deep patina to highlight corners and crevices really added to the aged look I was going for

I put a brown glaze over the dark waxed paint and it worked perfect to tone it all down

time to brad nail the back in place, install the freshly painted hardware now oil rubbed bronze and it is ready for pickup, looking forward to pictures with glass in doors and shelves in and displaying treasures in the customers home

disclosure: As a CeCe Caldwells paint rep, they provided me with this paint to share the many great projects reloved using it.