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Matte Black Coffee Table

  Classic matte black update for the win on this coffee table refresh.

Fusion Nursery edition ~ teapot

Fusion Mineral paint has a new line of nursery colors and they are spectacular!! Of course I was drawn immediately to teapot with its green blue hue. I knew the perfect piece to try it on, sized for a wee one.

This piece was unique in that it was a combination of solid wood frame, arborite type sides and a veneer top won in a local auction. The top was in terrible shape with scrapes and scars galore. This type of finish was new to me as I usually try to stick to solid wood pieces but the sweet size and style and price said give me a chance. I first tried sanding.. no luck, mineral spirits.. nope... lacquer thinner... no way finally I brought out the big guns, heavy duty stripper and walaa success!

Once stripped I orbital sanded it from 80-120-220 to get a super smooth surface. From here I was confident that this piece would be able to be reloved no problem. Time to give it a good old spa day after vacuuming it all out well. A good scrubbing with warm soap and water and various size scrub brushes assures there is no grease, oil or gunk on the surface making paint adhesion so much better.

ready to roll.. along with another dresser shown in same stages

Be sure to let the piece dry well, make all repairs then shake up your Fusion paint well, grab a good poly bristle brush and get ready to make some amazing changes. I LOVE teapot, the color is a bit greener then my monitor showed but it will be so amazing in any nursery for either boy or girl. To deepen the color to its fullest I applied 3 coats leaving dry time between. Fusion paint dries fast allowing a shorter time to complete a project but it also requires fast work and no OCD dillydallying! I learned it is far easier to touch up after dry then try and smooth while semi wet ;) I also chose to lightly sand with a fine grit sponge between coats just to keep smooth as possible.

 LOVE this color

The original hardware was so unique I had to keep the handles. I did not care for the small close to the surface set knobs so in the end changed them to new crystal glass knobs and updated the old gold to satin nickel for the handles.

above the small original knobs are not shown but rather a knew gold round.. still not feeling that

so they were updated to satin nickel (and gold for another project)

To continue adding some unique details, I gave the top, edges and legs a nice rub of silver crème for the lightest shimmer

And on the back, I added one of Fusion's adorable stencils in this new series. Dream Big little one is one of my favorite sayings and it did not fail to add even more char to this sweet little dresser.

There is one last super adorable feature I have not seen in any other dresser, curved bottom drawers. I just love this charming little jewel.

Here it is staged inside ready to find a home in one lucky nursery!


 love the new crystal glass knobs

Thank you Fusion for creating a paint that is easy to use, it a FABULOUS array of colors and creates something amazing out of an unloved piece.

"These pots of colour joy are perfect for creating a nursery haven for your little one.
Our seven designer colours are inspired by some of our favourite nursery rhymes. We know that they will inspire you too.
Like all of our Fusion paints, Tones for Tots is zero VOC, requires little prep work and has a built-in topcoat.
In just a little time, it’s easy to take your project from foundation to finish.
Fusion cares about you and your wee ones. Our Tones for Tots collection meets both the Toy Safety Standards of North America and the EN71-3 Certification for Europe."

I have received product in exchange for this post, but ALL the opinions are entirely MY own.  This post contains a sponsored link for Fusion Mineral Paint


  1. Lovely! Sharing tonight on The Painted Drawer Link Party!

    1. thank yo for the share.. very much appreciated!

  2. Such a cute piece!! I haven't tried Teapot yet, thank you for showing us a little more of this great color. I like the stencil in the back too--great addition :) Thanks for linking up to Friday's Furniture Fix!!


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