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Milk Painted Vintage Rocking Horse

If you have followed me for awhile you know I love horses and hand crafted wood pieces. This hand crafted rocking horse it the PERFECT combo of my loves.

When it arrived though (thanks Mom) it was neglected and rather bold colored.

First step as always was a good scrub to get everything clean.

I wanted the rockers to be a dark chocolate color and it so happened I had Krylon spray paint in camouflage brown I had bought for a project on the ranch. I sprayed it outside in a sheltered area to get the perfect coverage.

Then it was on to the horse, I love milk paint for antiques and old wood things. Homestead House Paint Co. milk paint in Champlain was my color of choice.
I have used Champlain on this antique tall dresser and this vintage farmhouse hutch

Here is the first coat applied, do not fret, milk paint always looks sketchy after the first coat ;)

Here is the second coat with the edges distressed and the flat surfaces sanded smooth as butter.

To keep most of the horse this pretty war…

Old Fashioned Milk Paint pitch black beauty

Classic black, goes with everything and always in style. They say every room should have a piece of black to anchor it. Black just so happens to be my daughters complimentary color to her favorite purple. So when she found the perfect styled bed frame but it was in a yellow with hand painted pink flowers she turned to paint to make it the perfect new addition to her room.

Under my tutelage of private lessons, she began by giving the head and foot board a good power sanding and scrub down.

I made her up the Old Fashioned Milk Paint in pitch black and off she went. Two coats worked well drying about an hour in between. I love sharing with others how worthwhile it is to relove a piece.

The next day I started the sealing process choosing tung oil (available thru OFMP) to keep the black deep and rich looking. The tung oil is thick; I found the brush left allot on so used it only for grooves and creases and uses a soft rag to apply everywhere else.

half on half plaint milk paint

Leaving it sit for an hour or so I went back and wiped the excess off with a clean rag and left over night to dry. The next day I repeated the wipe on wipe off routine and again left to dry. The weather is cooler now so like the bottle says the curing time is very slow but after 3 days drying I hauled it into the house for warmer temps and snapped a few pics.

There seems to be an issue with tung oil and the underlying finish. Even though it was lightly sanded prior to painting black, the finish has something that is resisting absorption of the oil and leaving hazy marks even after a week of drying.

After consulting with the OFMP experts, I rubbed it all down really well with fresh rags and left to dry longer

Then went over it all with Daddy Van's black wax, shown here on half

I gave it a couple days to dry as it too takes longer and sent to the owner (who also happens to be my eldest daughter) to set it up and let it dry further.

I have received product in exchange for this post, there is no monetary compensation received from the sponsored links. Huge thanks to my great sponsor, Old Fashioned Milk Paint

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  1. Hi Lee Ann. Did you know that you can thin out tung oil with mineral spirits? I've found that it's much easier to work with that way. Your bed looks lovely, by the way! Thanks for sharing, Cynthia

    1. I did read that and will try in the future, thanks!!


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