Fusion's new color putty

Time to try another of Fusion Mineral paints latest color releases, this time I chose putty; "a sophisticated neutral that blends beige and grey and grounds any color scheme".

The antique piece I chose to try it on seemed very fitting of this timeless color. Inside the back in pencil is hand writing saying " bought Fri. June 25, 1948 name and Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada"!

This poor antique piece I literally pulled out of the transfer dumpster. I was so sad to see it tossed in to be crushed and disposed of. The poor veneer top had some damage but I had read a post just that day as to how easy it was to remove old veneer.

I hauled it home and began its makeover. Note to self, do not believe everything you read on the internet, some veneer removal may be easy, others can take blood, lots of sweat and near tears and giving up!

 scraping first to remove loose pieces

they said soak with a very damp towel 2-24 hours but no such luck for this beast, 36 hours and hardly a lifted edge

time for plan b, out came my steamer

alternating with soaking and steaming and scraping I pursued

and finally days later with a host of Band-Aids, here was my progress

then it was time to repair drawer veneer and boxes and sand all well

then on to the fun part, painting! Fusion mineral paint goes on smooth and easy. I went with 2 coats of putty then hand painted some white numbers, painted the original hardware white then sanded it all to add a bit more character to this dresser and keep it looking antique.

The final touch was waxing the entire thing with Miss Mustard seed white wax for a bit more durability, detail and dimension.

SO there you have it, Fusion's new putty color on an antique dresser ready for years more service.

I have received product in exchange for this post, but ALL the opinions are entirely MY own.  This post contains sponsored links for Fusion Mineral Paint

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