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Antique Dresser in Ocean Colors & Copper

  My long time followers know shades of aquas and blues are my favorite. This antique chest of drawers was given and blended ocean color themed makeover I am loving so much.

Antique Banker's Chair


This antique bankers chair was given new life with a beautiful black gel stain, let me share how. 

My cousin asked if I could relove this antique bankers chair and of course I took on the challenge. The original finish was in rough shape and flaking off like crazy. I hand scraped most of this old finish off then for years it was used in my paint shop as a comfortable chair when needed. It reclines, swivels and rolls.

This year I decided to give it the makeover it deserved. Using a scraper I scraped off most of the remaining finish. The casters worked well but one was bent so after removing all the bent was was straightened by my handy husband as new ones will not fit in the original holes.

To fill some of the larger cracks I used brown Dixie Belle mud, once dry the seat was sanded smooth.

The rubber wall bumper was unscrewed from the chair back (L) and the old finish scraped off. (R)

A video of my scraping 

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The chair was power sanded followed by a hand sanding with a Dixie Belle sanding sponge to remove any remaining finish. This takes time but worth the end results when you plan to stain the wood.

I chose colonial black Dixie Belle No Pain Gel Stain for the chair. I like to apply with a shop towel.

Here is the last of the original wood with the gorgeous stain on the rest. One coat was all that was needed for a worn weathered look I wanted to achieve.

The excess was wiped off with a clean shop towel.

It was left to dry for about 5 days (I was busy doing other things, not the time you need to wait) then lightly sanded with a Dixie Belle sanding sponge to make the stain feel soft as butter.

Inspired by a YouTube video I decided to try vinegar on rusty metal. The casters were cleaned then put in pure vinegar to soak 24 hours.

A video of how I polished them up after soaking.

This is after scrubbing with a bit of steel wool, eww gross yucky gunk.

The stain was sealed with a couple coats of Dixie Belle satin clear coat using an oval medium Dixie Belle synthetic brush. Another option would be to seal this rich dark color with Dixie Belle Howdy Do Hemp Oil.

For the last coat I applied the clear coat with a Dixie Belle applicator sponge.

The bumper needed a makeover 

But seeing it is so smooth I applied a couple coats of Dixie Belle Slick Stick on it to add adherence for the paint. Once dried well I painted the bumper umber from the Dixie Belle silk mineral paint line.

Two coats with some touch ups once it was partially back in place. The edges slightly taunt held a piece of paper to make the paint job super easy then removed and the screws tightened.

The casters were put on and this beauty is ready to get to work.

I love the contoured comfy chair back.

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  1. chair came out amazing! I have been looking for a banker's chair for my office. Gives me some great ideas for when I find one. Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful week.

    1. Thank you for stopping by and taking time to comment, it is appreciated :)

  2. Beautiful transformation

  3. That turned out great!!!!

    1. Thank you for taking time to share such a thoughtful comment

  4. Thanks for sharing with us I'm featuring you when the next To Grandma's house we go link party starts!


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