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Cedar Lined Armoire in Navy with Copper - lots of pics

When I purchased this solid armoire cabinet it did not take long to decide on a navy paint color. I also like the carved details on the front but thought the top and sides would look lovely stenciled with the hardware copper. Using Homestead House Milk PaintCutting Edge Stencils & Krylon spray paint I achieved my vision.

But first it needed a good cleaning starting with vacuum followed with a scrub with warm soapy water to remove any past gunk and dirt that would hamper paint adherence. The entire outside was lightly power sanded to smooth the wood surface then wiped well again.

Thank goodness for this heavy duty furniture dolly to move it around and also allow to be tipped on its back for the cleaning and sanding portions.
As well I was able to paint the underside and base areas with primer all around to seal.

Homestead House Milk Paint in midnight blue was mixed up and painted on

One coat was all that was needed to get good coverage over the original dark stained wood.
I wante…

CeCe Caldwell Chesapeake blue chair

Part of my CeCe Caldwell rep paint package was a new to me color called Chesapeake blue. When I opened it and saw the grey blue color it reminded me of a vintage color like old denim. To showcase it I paired it with a vintage hardwood chair I purchased awhile back.
This solid chair is stamped the "Samson" chair manufactured by The Bentwood Chair & Table Co, you could see at least 5 paint colors it had gone thru since its original state. FIVE relovings, if only it could talk and tell the stories of it's adventures. This is the part that draws me to old pieces for sure, the history they store.
 saw on goes the paint in two coats
the bottom gets a good power sanding too to clean up the crazy paint layers and grime to reveal the gorgeous hardwood this solid little chair is made of
then it gets heavily distressed with a power sander, this is not my usual look but like to get out of my comfort zone now and then so why not make this vintage chair look updated but still in character
 A couple coats of clear wax seal the paint up and give this chair years more life
 It also had a sweet pad which got a good washing and pairs well with the new color too

 I showed it here with my recently finished table in CeCe Caldwell vintage white, what a great look. You can see more of my one of a kind pieces at Creative Moments Facebook page too. Thanks again to CeCe Caldwell Paints for allowing me to be one of your paint reps!

I have received products in exchange for this post, but ALL the opinions are entirely my own.  This post contains sponsored links for CeCe Caldwell Paints