CeCe Caldwell package #2 project dining table

So on to the dining table I had scrubbed up, sanded and clear coated ready to paint. CeCe Caldwell's vintage white was again the vision I had in mind but this piece I wanted lighter and more airy with still a country feel then the antique coffee table.

I applied 2 coats of the vintage white sanding in between coats then covering this with another sealer coat of poly.

 you can see 2 coats on the right hand side of photo vs just 1 on the left

the base received the same steps too
I did have to spend over an hour hand tooling the paint that stuck in the side carvings, whew that was a bit of work. Note to self, in future try to get less paint in carvings or try when wet to remove

Dimension was needed to add depth and character. To achieve this I dry brushed a pure white then vintage white again.

lighting not the best as evening under florescent lighting but hoped to capture the various striata of whites

This all got sanded and the CeCe endurance top coat was the next step, layering on 6 coats as recommended. Once good and dry, the table was reassembled and brought in for staging. Here it is.

Thanks Cece Caldwell for allowing me to work with your fabulous products! Stop by Creative Moments FB page for other great pieces.

I have received products in exchange for this post, but ALL the opinions are entirely my own.  This post contains sponsored links for CeCe Caldwell's Paints