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Farmhouse White Bread Box

This slatted wood bread box had seen better days until it received its farmhouse makeover.

After a good scrubbing I painted 2 coats of House & Canvas's angora white.

This paint color is such a pretty warm white, see it on this end table, sweet watch chest, and a bit on this laundry room sign.
When dry I lightly sanded it all and minimally distressed the edges.

House & Canvas is a chalk like paint that needs to be sealed. I chose Fusion Mineral Paint's clear wax over all the surfaces.
I was trying to decide if dark wax (left) or leave plain (right) was best, dark wax won.

Fusion Mineral Paint's ageing wax was added to the edges for an aged look.

The verdict was split as to add words or a stencil in my Facebook poll so I will leave it for a bit and see what the buyer would like.

The farmhouse style look; what would you add if anything?

the back was finished as well

Cece Caldwell Brand rep project package #2 antique coffee table

January 2016 brings a new year and a new project as a CeCe Caldwell paint rep.

As I was scrubbing up this oak dining table and considering the color options, it struck me as vintage white with dark details. The edges have great details to enhance and the vintage white keeps it neutral, fresh and able to fit in so many homes existing décor. I also purchased this super cool Queen Anne style coffee table that conjures up the same color scheme ideas.

My Cece rep pack #2 held just what I needed to make this vision happen; vintage white paint, hickory stain and endurance finish. It also has Chesapeake blue but that I will save for another post. ;)

I decided to start with the coffee table first to see the end result I am envisioning.
first order of business; a good scrubbing and sanding both power and hand (which took forever as the old stain was very crackly) then scrubbed again
1 thin coat of CeCe vintage white paint was applied then some sanding block distressing to keep the vintage piece aged
To further age it, I applied via dry brush technique, the CeCe hickory stain. To allow for easier movement of the stain and less saturation into the paint,  I had applied a coat of satin varathane before doing this step
the stain accented the curvy carved legs and sides, again I sanded the piece ending with medium to heavy distressing all over
The final step once all was dry was to seal with 3 coats of endurance sealer. Time to stage it for your viewing pleasure.

Thank You CeCe Caldwell Paints for the opportunity to try yet more amazing products from your line. Stay tuned for a few more made with this great package including the dining table. Stop by Creative Moments Facebook page if interested in purchasing this beauty.

I have received products in exchange for this post, but ALL the opinions are entirely my own.  This post contains sponsored links for CeCe Caldwell's Paints