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Navy Sideboard / Sofa Table

I loved the bones of this Sklar Pepplar sideboard / sofa table and knew it would look fabulous in a classic color to update the worn original stained finish.

As with all my projects, the first step is to scrub the piece well with warm soapy water, rinse and dry well. The top of the bottom shelf was lightly power sanded to smooth the finish then wiped well to remove and sanding dust.
I imagined it in a deep rich navy and ordered classic navy from a new paint line called Jolie Paint.

Look at the lovely packaging they send it in! See this sweet jewelry box and this fun wooden accent chair in malachite. And this stained and painted wood chair in verdigris. Boat are the small tester sizes in the box.

Here is the beautiful classic navy and their signature brush. I LOVE the brush; the construction is so well made and the handle fits my hand perfectly. The natural bristles apply the paint beautifully.

The top has a leather inset which covered easily with this paint. And this beauty has caster…

General Finishes Key West Blue Accent Table

Time for another Fabulous Furniture Flip Contest entry, this month the sponsor is General Finishes again this time with their newly released chalk paint (thank you GF!) and the theme is "A Fresh Start". Very fitting for January 2016 I say.

The color I chose was key west, just like on the link. Next choice was what to paint, which piece calls for this pretty blue color for a fresh new start? This piece was calling for a fresh start after seeing a life of wear and loss (of the drawer).

to fill in missing drawer I found this piece of wood almost perfect

 the poor top has seen allot and in rough shape

but nothing a good power sanding can't fix, I love solid wood pieces

SO with all this finished it was time to wait for my paint to arrive. It seems however there were address issues so once corrected the paint finally arrived on the evening of January 28th. My husband arrived home for his week off to and helped with some wood repairs. Time to get busy!!

once the piece of wood I chose for the missing side was cut to correct length I traced the other sides curvy edge on it

my husband kindly followed the pencil lines with his jig saw

and I sanded it up to look like an almost perfect replication of the existing sides

with the Kreg jig we secured it to the table all ready to paint

hello key west blue.. lets get you on this sweet little table

GF new chalk paint went of easily and smoothly and dries super fast but a hint, DO NOT go back to touch up semi dry areas as it will lift that paint, wait until completely dry and add a new coat ;)

now it seems there are a few steps missing photos in my hurry to get the project finished but once the full coverage coat was dry, I sanded the top back to reveal a hint of that amazing wood grain

to enhance this grain further I used General Finishes java gel stain over it, wiping back and leaving to dry well overnight. the recessed detailing in the Queen Anne legs were hand painted to pop out even more with a custom mix of black and burnt umber paints and a fine detail paint brush.

this morning it was time to wax this little beauty up, I chose clear wax for first coat, added a dark patina to edge corners, put a dark wax over the top then followed up clear over the entire piece. once it was all dry it was time to power buff the wax to a high shine and bring in to stage up

I totally love the way it turned out, THANK YOU General Finishes for such amazing products!

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and if you are interested in participating, contact

I have received product in exchange for this post, but ALL the opinions are entirely my own.  This post contains sponsored links for General Finishes


  1. That General Finishes Key West just rocks! Love it on the end table. Thanks so much for linking to Friday's Furniture Fix.

  2. such a pretty color right? thank you for having me


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