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Vintage Coffee Table Goes Beachy Milk Painted

Solid wood vintage coffee table, yes please!! Especially once updated in fresh beachy colors.

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Step one: SCRUB WELL and let dry!
This solid wood beauty was given to me by a neighbor who was downsizing her stash, thanks Cara. I knew it had loads of possibility as I have done a few similar vintage coffee tables like it. A recent one in farmhouse whites and this one below many moons ago.

Step two: sand all the old finish off the top.

The top was sanded to bare wood using my handy dandy Dewalt orbital sander .

It was then hand sanded on the edges to remove the old finish along there as well.

My initial plan was to give the bare wood a white wash look. I chose Weatherwood Stains white maintenance oilapplied with a blue shop towel and wiped back after it soaked in for about 10 minutes. The top part has the oil applied, it hydrates the wood too. Two coats were…

Fusion Do Over

Do you remember this mid century modern dresser I did with the newly released Fusion Mineral paint color cranberry and gold? It had so many positive comments but it really is a very specific color combination. Painting to appeal to the majority sometimes is the safest way but I thought I would take a chance on it and see. However after about 6 months of sitting with no home in sight, I brought it back to my paint line.

Limestone - Fusion's warm white was the new color I chose. I think it will look classic with the gold accents. Working in my dining room, because the weather is COLD and because Fusion is ZERO VOC, I painted 3 coats on to ensure a nice opaque color.

here is first coat going on

and here is 3 coats on and left to dry,

then hardware was put back on and tada!

still no idea what this little built in ledge is for in the top drawer, anyone?

love dovetail designs

I have to say I love this color combination as well, I hope it finds its forever home soon.

As a Fusion brand blogger, I have received product in exchange for this post, but ALL the opinions are entirely MY own.  This post contains sponsored links for Fusion Mineral Paint

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  1. I may not be seeing the little ledge appropriately, but I'm going to say it's to place the contents of one's pocket at the end of the day...pocket change...maybe cufflinks...maybe a wallet, but back then, one would have used a tray sitting on top of the dresser.

    1. that was all I could think of too, thank you for your thoughts ;)

  2. What a beautiful piece. I really like it in both colors but I can understand why you felt you should make it more neutral.

  3. Lee Ann I loved the Cranberry and Gold but the Limestone and Gold is just as pretty ;) I always love painted my pieces in beautiful colours but I have had the same problem as you when I do... they definitely take longer to sell. You did a lovely job with both colours... they look so pretty with the MCM style. Thanks for linking this up to the Inspiration Galore Project Party last week! Have a lovely weekend. Hugs.

    1. thank you, glad I am not the only one who second guesses her choices. I too love both


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