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how far does a quart of paint go?

Just how far does a quart of paint go? I have read so many pros and cons of the "pricey" chalk & mineral paints out there but in the end it is always a personal choice. I LIKE these paints, some more then others, mainly for LOW or NO VOC's and less toxic chemicals. I LIKE how easy they are to work with, how water can smooth if too thick and able to thin to create a wash or stain. I LIKE how if you forget your brush with paint on it, it will wash out with little work. I LIKE how easy drips can be wiped up even when dry and how hands wash clean in seconds. I LIKE the ease of distressing with sponge sander or a damp cloth too. I LIKE that many of the brands have hands on support systems for newbies and seasoned painters alike As for the price, well indeed it is much higher then a quart of latex that is true. But after recently finishing a quart size can of FAT paint that cost me about $40, I made a collage of ALL the projects I did with just that one quart of pain…

Country Chic Blog Squad challenge #2

I am a huge teal/turquoise fan, it is the accent color of my home. I am drawn to it in every color pallet of paint out there. Country Chic's tropical cocktail was the first color my eye went to and I knew I had to try it.
I originally had planned on painting this cute little pine wagon shelf a traditional red but my sister suggested doing it tropical cocktail for a fun rendition.

 I chose it in original formula and applied 2 coats, what a gorgeous color

to add a bit of contrast and dimension, the wheels got a few coats of glossy white and highlighted inside the hearts and outside the wheel with the pretty blue.

All was sealed with 2 coats of Country Chic tough coat, a poly like eggshell like finish.

This is going to be so adorable in a nursery or bedroom of some lucky child!
Watch for more projects to come with Country Chic Paint, and be sure to check out my crème brulee cabinet.

*Disclosure I have received products in exchange for this post, but ALL the opinions are entirely my ow…

Custom built rustic map frame

I have always wanted a large world ; I like being able to see the world at a glance and want to pin spots I have been fortunate to see as well as mark others on the bucket list. Finally after finishing up many items to sell I got a chance to work on my list.
dry fit to decide layout and sizing

I wanted a rustic shaker look frame to blend with our trim and finish it in a stain and white barn board look. MY husband kindly picked me up some 4" wide pine and cut to correct length. We used the handy Kreg jig to set screw holes on the back for a flush fit.

 jig in action
 all ready to start the finish process
using CeCe Caldwell's hickory stain and finish in 1 I coated all sides, this seals the boards and helps warping and gives a smooth finish on all sides too
 once dry it was vintage white painted on fronts and sides
 then a power sand to reveal some grain and smooth even more
 in keeping with a barn board feel, I chose CeCe's flat matte sealer, this was the perfect choice

chalkboards and how to prep

Did you know that on a new chalkboard surface, prepping it correctly will make a big difference in it's future use? I love chalkboards for their versatility. They are perfect for
kids to practice spelling &art keeping lists for groceries, chores, to do etcinspirational quotesphoto propsendless uses Chalkboard surfaces can be painted on wood, glass, tin, drywall, again the choices are endless. Frames painted in fun colors are my favorite chalkboard choices. Here are a few I have done in the past as well as a few current ones for sale on my Creative Moments Facebook page.

 I even added chalkboard top to a childs table set and a dresser hutch for a coffee bar

But after the chalkboard surface cures for 3+ days it is time to use but in order to avoid ghost writing and to get a nice finish it much be prepped.  To do this, take a piece of chalk and lay on its side.
 Rub over entire surface then wipe with a dry soft cloth.
 Wallaa it is ready for use.
Check out the current chalkboard…

February FFF "Make A Statement!" contest

The Fab Furniture Flippin contest theme for February is MAKE A STATEMENT sponsored by DecoArt Inc. I use DecoArt's acrylic paint lots but this is the first time to try the chalk paint and wax from the line.
With the go bold or go home mantra I needed to really ponder the project of choice. I had a perfect cabinet in mind with the colors I ordered but sadly there was an issue with the courier delivery. My package was delivered to our rental property and left, not found for days. When opened, this is what I found ;(
I did manage to salvage a bit of paint and painted up a frame with this treasure color.  I also took an old warped tray
 and deconstructed it to use the wood base as my chalkboard backing
but first it required a few cuts to size.. bring on the big power tools! Once it was the correct size I painted it 3 coats of chalkboard paint.  Once the coat of treasure paint on the frame was dry, I tried a bit of the dark wax. Seeing it too had froze in transit, it was now like a gla…