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Antique Serving Cart

Follow along to see how this antique cart was given a fun farmhouse finish.

I purchased this sweet antique wheeled cart and as soon as I brought it home my youngest daughter asked for it for Christmas as a plant stand in her new apartment. When asked what colors she saw it in, she instantly said white and dark stain.

As with all my pieces, especially the old antiques that have seen years of wear and use I scrub them thoroughly. You can in the still photo and the video just how much grime and dirt comes off.

Next I removed the bottom shelf for easier stripping and staining. Both flat surfaces were stripped with paint stripper then power sanded smooth. The corners on the top surface with the raised edges required hand sanding to get into the tight corners.

Once the sanding was complete and the whole piece wiped down again to remove any sanding dust it was time to stain. I chose my go to Homestead House's stain and finishing oil all in one  in the color cappuccino. See a farmhouse h…

February FFF "Make A Statement!" contest

The Fab Furniture Flippin contest theme for February is MAKE A STATEMENT sponsored by DecoArt Inc. I use DecoArt's acrylic paint lots but this is the first time to try the chalk paint and wax from the line.
With the go bold or go home mantra I needed to really ponder the project of choice. I had a perfect cabinet in mind with the colors I ordered but sadly there was an issue with the courier delivery. My package was delivered to our rental property and left, not found for days. When opened, this is what I found ;(
I did manage to salvage a bit of paint and painted up a frame with this treasure color.
 I also took an old warped tray
 and deconstructed it to use the wood base as my chalkboard backing
but first it required a few cuts to size.. bring on the big power tools! Once it was the correct size I painted it 3 coats of chalkboard paint.  Once the coat of treasure paint on the frame was dry, I tried a bit of the dark wax. Seeing it too had froze in transit, it was now like a glaze and filled in the crevices and wood grain quite well.
However not knowing how well it will hold up I put a couple coats of clear wax on to seal up once good and dry and left all to dry well overnight. It was then time to assemble and wallaaa
Time will tell how the frozen products hold up but with a couple additional products, I am confident this BOLD chalkboard will see many lists, notes and pictures over the years. Thanks again to DecoArt for the product challenge.

Check out all this month's contest entries at Thirty Eighth Street or Ciburbanity and if you are interested in trying your hand at a future month's contest, email
I have received product in exchange for this post, but ALL the opinions are entirely MY own.  This post contains a sponsored link for DecoArt


  1. Ah! I'm sorry your paint arrived like that. :( That blue hue is gorgeous! I hope you put that chalkboard to good use!

  2. Love this! It looks like my cabinet flip - I used the same teal color and antiqued it too, but used a dark gray wash - 50/50. Beautiful.

  3. I really love this color, and the antiqued layer just gives it that extra something special nice color combo!

  4. I really love your chalkboard and the color you chose! I wasn't sure when ordering but I next time I'll do it!
    Good luck on the contest!

  5. thank you everyone for the kind words


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