how far does a quart of paint go?

Just how far does a quart of paint go? I have read so many pros and cons of the "pricey" chalk & mineral paints out there but in the end it is always a personal choice.
  1. I LIKE these paints, some more then others, mainly for LOW or NO VOC's and less toxic chemicals.
  2. I LIKE how easy they are to work with, how water can smooth if too thick and able to thin to create a wash or stain.
  3. I LIKE how if you forget your brush with paint on it, it will wash out with little work.
  4. I LIKE how easy drips can be wiped up even when dry and how hands wash clean in seconds.
  5. I LIKE the ease of distressing with sponge sander or a damp cloth too.
  6. I LIKE that many of the brands have hands on support systems for newbies and seasoned painters alike
As for the price, well indeed it is much higher then a quart of latex that is true. But after recently finishing a quart size can of FAT paint that cost me about $40, I made a collage of ALL the projects I did with just that one quart of paint. It was crazy when I started adding up how many. There is even one ruler painted in it but not finished or shown in collage.
 One can =
Please note: FAT paint did NOT sponsor the paint for this post, these are just MY personal opinions on the various chalk/mineral paints I have tried, FAT being in my top 3 ;)