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Antique Serving Cart

Follow along to see how this antique cart was given a fun farmhouse finish.

I purchased this sweet antique wheeled cart and as soon as I brought it home my youngest daughter asked for it for Christmas as a plant stand in her new apartment. When asked what colors she saw it in, she instantly said white and dark stain.

As with all my pieces, especially the old antiques that have seen years of wear and use I scrub them thoroughly. You can in the still photo and the video just how much grime and dirt comes off.

Next I removed the bottom shelf for easier stripping and staining. Both flat surfaces were stripped with paint stripper then power sanded smooth. The corners on the top surface with the raised edges required hand sanding to get into the tight corners.

Once the sanding was complete and the whole piece wiped down again to remove any sanding dust it was time to stain. I chose my go to Homestead House's stain and finishing oil all in one  in the color cappuccino. See a farmhouse h…

how far does a quart of paint go?

Just how far does a quart of paint go? I have read so many pros and cons of the "pricey" chalk & mineral paints out there but in the end it is always a personal choice.
  1. I LIKE these paints, some more then others, mainly for LOW or NO VOC's and less toxic chemicals.
  2. I LIKE how easy they are to work with, how water can smooth if too thick and able to thin to create a wash or stain.
  3. I LIKE how if you forget your brush with paint on it, it will wash out with little work.
  4. I LIKE how easy drips can be wiped up even when dry and how hands wash clean in seconds.
  5. I LIKE the ease of distressing with sponge sander or a damp cloth too.
  6. I LIKE that many of the brands have hands on support systems for newbies and seasoned painters alike
As for the price, well indeed it is much higher then a quart of latex that is true. But after recently finishing a quart size can of FAT paint that cost me about $40, I made a collage of ALL the projects I did with just that one quart of paint. It was crazy when I started adding up how many. There is even one ruler painted in it but not finished or shown in collage.
 One can =
Please note: FAT paint did NOT sponsor the paint for this post, these are just MY personal opinions on the various chalk/mineral paints I have tried, FAT being in my top 3 ;)