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Farmhouse Hutch ~ Champlain milk paint and cappuccino

Scored from an estate sale this Canadian made Kilgour Furniture buffet/ hutch is the perfect size for a coffee bar or as it was custom called for; an actual bar in the customers new home. She wanted it to be done in the same colors as this sweet little accent table.

The first step was to remove the mac tac liner in the long drawer and inside the buffet

It peeled back easy enough but then required a whole lot of Goo Gone to remove the residual stick glue. It did however protect the wood and once cleaned, perfect new looking surfaces.
All surfaces were scrubbed well to remove any dirt and dust accumulated over the years.
The top is the only wood veneer piece, the rest is solid maple I believe. Because it is veneer you must be very careful when refinishing it as it is easy to sand thru the thin wood layer.
Using my orbital sander and 120 grit sandpaper, I carefully sanded the top smooth the applied Homestead House's stain and finishing oil all in one  in cappuccino color. Throughout…

Stenciled Coffee Table in Warm White

See how I used paint along with a pretty stencil and dark waxes to relove this solid wood coffee table.

I purchased this unique table from a local bidding site, the description intrigued me. It said the solid oak coffee table spins like a lazy susan and just needed a refinishing. However once I picked it up and got it back to the workshop I found there was a bit more then was disclosed ;( The base plate that attaches the top to the base had been rewelded with a block to shim the top. 

My handyman husband and I took it completely apart, made adjustments and such and found that it actually raises from coffee table to dining table height (20-30") on a brass shaft. Wow that is neat. It does not however spin like a lazy susan. There is a wee bit of turn which is ok I guess. After all the mechanical tweaks it was time to move on to the fun part.. painting.

In my recent Instagram Dixie Belle Paint win I chose the color Drop Cloth along with Mermaid Tail I used on this sweet desk. This soft warm white would be the perfect neutral for this coffee table. I applied 2 coats with the Dixie Belle Paint brush included in my win. This paint goes on so smoothly.

To add definition and detailing I used Daddy Vans wax in my favorite café noir in the crevices and along the edges then added some Daddy Vans black wax too. On the table top which will get more traffic, I put a coat of Daddy Vans clear lavender scented wax under the dark waxes.

I also had another detailing idea in mind; stencilling. Stencilling has been a nemesis of mine I think because I am OCD and this is like painting outside the lines. But I challenged myself to give it a go. A while back I received a gorgeous mandala stencil from The Stencil Warehouse. I put it away after a failed attempt but thought it would look lovely on this table. I chose Plaster Paint in toasted marshmallow for the contrast stencil color. I did a quick video of my stencilling below

and as I lifted the stencil

I could not be happier with the results of all these great products coming together to create this one of a kind piece.

so pretty

I have received products in exchange for this post and as a winning prize. Huge thanks to my great sponsors for this project  The Stencil Warehouse , Daddy VansDixie Belle Paint 

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